2000 BMW 3 Series 323ci 2.5L M52 I-6 from North America


Fun, sexy, reliable car with enough power


The radio screen went out. One day, the radio screen went out, and now I have to guess what radio station I'm on.

Some of the wood dash trim has begun to crack.

The shifter knob (manual transmission) came off on a really hot summer day. Easily replaced with a new one and some glue.

Speakers have dry rotted (which is to be expected on a 10 year old car).

General Comments:

The engine works great (albeit a bit underpowered as it's the smallest engine).

Gas mileage is amazing for a car like this.

Never burns oil. Ever. Same amount of oil comes out as goes in.

Seats are in great condition and comfortable.

3 person seat memory is great for when my friend wants to drive.

FUN TO DRIVE! Corners like 'a small dog'!

Women like it.

Clutch is smooth, and the engagement is excellent.

Shifting with the manual transmission is as smooth as butter.

Paint has held up incredibly well.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2011

2000 BMW 3 Series 323i 2.5L I6 from North America


Best car I have ever owned!


Fuel pump at 139,000 miles.

Tail light bulb burned out.

Required spark plugs at 133,000 miles.

Having some problems with the door locks.

General Comments:

This is a great car, and I would suggest it to anyone who can work on it themselves. If you have it serviced by a shop, it is not cheap to maintain, but since I can fix it myself, this BMW has been less expensive to fix than any of my previous American cars for many of the required maintenance items.

The car handles great, and will go anywhere I take it.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2011

2000 BMW 3 Series SE 1.9 from UK and Ireland


Heart breaker and wallet raper


Where to start!?! This car has been in the garage having repair work more times than I actually drove it!

1. Passenger electric window jammed (year 1).

2. Water pump failed, resulted in head gasket failure, which lead to a crack in the cylinder head. Had to get a newer engine fitted.. (year 1).

3. Moved to Australia for a year. When I got back, the ignition failed (year 2).

4. The bushes in the front suspension failed (year 2 & 3).

5. Airbag light intermittently came on, sensor gone in passenger seat (every year until fixed).

6. This year the water pump failed again, water into engine again. Result is the head gasket is gone (this year). My dealer reckons I need another engine, as the skimming isn't a success, because of the chain driven engine.

7. Interior is still very fresh for a car of this age, and the body is in great condition.

8. Engine faults are too bad to inspire confidence in this marque.

9. I have spent about 5,000 euros on repairs for this car.

General Comments:

Great driving car, lovely handling, and nice instruments. Pity the engine reliability is so poor.

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Review Date: 16th December, 2010

12th Dec 2011, 20:11

My water pump failed, but didn't blow my head gasket. The only way you can blow your head gasket is if you continue to drive it while your engine is overheating.

So keep an eye on your cluster perhaps? The temperature gauge isn't too far from the speedometer.

"Fool me once, shame on BMW, fool me twice, shame on me for not looking at my temperature gauge and overheating my engine."

2nd Jan 2012, 15:34

Ah, you're dead right - the temp gauge shot up, I did notice it, but I was on a motorway - really too dangerous to be stopped! By the time I got home, the damage was done. Ideally I should have called the AA or similar for a tow. 2011, and no problems with this car!

2000 BMW 3 Series 320Ci from Greece


A great car overall


Rubber insulation has come off from both doors, fixed it easily.

Tyres wear off quite quickly.

Service and replacement parts are expensive.

Ride height too low for some roads.

Sunroof interior cover has come off.

Passenger airbag sensor is broken.

General Comments:

I can achieve good MPG with not much effort.

Handles brilliantly.

6 cylinder engine is smooth, refined, and sounds great.

Optional sports seats are really good.

I have faced no problems with neither the engine, nor the gearbox so far.

Quality of materials used is stunning.

Nowhere near as quick as today's 2000cc cars, but performance is more than adequate.

Really reliable; 4-5 small problems fixed easily.

Boot space good.

A bit cramped in the back seats.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010