14th Dec 2013, 17:42

Honest review, however I don't understand the "too much steering feel" placed into the "bad" category. Regardless of personal preference, the reviewer mentions the Lincoln Town Car, Jaguar and Mercedes S Class. Maybe too much road feel if the review was about those three cars, but this is like saying I bought a sports car and I'm upset that it handles really well and has so much road feel. Does that make it a bad sports car?? Sounds like the only "bad" was that you didn't research before you bought and are now comparing it to a large S Class Mercedes, which in order to be "good" needs no road feel and a silent engine... which it has. Apples and oranges. It sounds like the 3 series in question is "good" considering pretty much all of what the reviewer mentions as bad! So if you want a 3 series because you wanted your car to handle, brake and drive like... um... a 3 series, then this is a great endorsement!

2nd Jan 2014, 00:09

Before you go change your car, you should look into running some quality non-runflat tyres... I hear that this really improves the ride comfort.

2nd Jan 2014, 07:26

Runflats do not ride better. Great with no spare though. I have experienced a few different tire brands as well.

2nd Jan 2014, 17:21

BMW's are a true drivers car; that's why you feel the road and hear the engine. Go get a Cobalt SS if you want something soft, quiet, and best of all, slow.

3rd Jan 2014, 11:57

No, I will go to a new super car like the 2014 Corvette or a 911. They're well optioned.

12th Aug 2016, 23:32

You need to go drive a sports car other than a BMW then.

I've driven plenty and BMW's rigid suspension is ridiculous, it doesn't just give you feedback; the tires turn into bricks going over minor imperfections in the road.

16th Aug 2016, 19:49

Even the Cruze matches the 0-60 time over 7 seconds. That's slow. And also would rather have a better optioned car that comes standard than a spartan model with far too many adders to the cost.

17th Aug 2016, 09:32

Another area to check is the fast depreciation value on new BMWs.

18th Aug 2016, 07:49

Depreciation is speculative. Really, if everyone simply looked at depreciation, then no-one would buy brand new cars. Buy the car you want if you can afford it, and just keep it longer. Depreciation is a reality, but it shouldn't be too big a consideration vs. the merits of the car.

18th Aug 2016, 14:58

Severe depreciation vs moderate is. Especially an M series. Or a 7 series.