24th May 2010, 08:56

There are companies who offer turbo's for your car, which will be cheaper than the BMW ones and a lot more reliable. As far as I am aware, BMW do not make the turbos. As with many parts, they outsource.

27th Jul 2010, 06:06

I'm about to buy a 320D Touring. Are the same turbo troubles true for the Touring?

Sounds like I should change my mind...

29th Jul 2010, 10:36

It depends what year 320d it is. You would expect BMW to have resolved the turbo issues after 8 years. I have a petrol 3 series, it's from the 90s though, so probably won't really be a good guide to buying a newer car, but I can say it has been reliable enough.

I've replaced suspension bushings and other little bits and pieces, but then again it is 15 years old. The engine, gear box, clutch and all that follows, are solid and original. The exhaust is also original.

I'm sure the trend continues with the newer models.

29th Jul 2010, 17:53

Had an '02 330d; I was the second owner.

Turbo failed in the seventh year at around 85,000 kms, but an extended BMW warranty took care of that.

If you surf into various BMW forums, it appears that the turbo still causes issues, but BMW is usually quite amicable about settling genuine (read: non-abuse) claims.

As for the general build quality, I personally find the E46 series of 3ers are better built than the current E90/91/92 models.

29th Nov 2010, 06:59

Can anyone tell me how to get access to the battery compartment of my 320D SE please?

1st Mar 2011, 23:55

Well, I am thinking about buying a 2002 330i with 65k miles on it. Interior is mint, looks great overall.

Wouldn't like to buy a lemon. Should I get it?

10th Oct 2011, 15:48

I had a 2003 320d Tourer from new, and have just traded it in for a Saab 9-3.

At 96000 miles the turbo seized, and that's with oil changes every 6000 miles instead of the 12000. To be honest I had had my money's worth out of the car, but I repaired the turbo myself, total cost £460, and we were back on the road running as good as it ever did. Look up how to do it on the forums, and it's not that difficult.

The mistake I made was keeping the car after the repair, because at 100000 miles or so, other things start to go wrong. The forums are full of fuel pump, injector cat problems, poor performance, and poor starting when warm. I know these are all repairable, but at £100 for a camshaft sensor, the patience starts to wear out.

Don't buy a high mileage BMW turbo diesel is my advice, it will be nothing but heartache, and will cost you dear, especially if you go to the dealerships.

15th Oct 2011, 13:47

Agree on the diesels, but a high mileage petrol, particularly a six, is no problem at all. The 6 cylinder BMW petrol engine is one of the true greats. Unburstable if serviced correctly, however hard it's driven.