22nd Aug 2005, 00:36

They are built in germany...

29th Apr 2008, 09:40

I purchased my 2000 323i in September 2006. Had it inspected entirely for previous body damage and for overall mechanical condition. Mint car. Found it on a used import car lot. Only 82 km. on it! A beautiful looking car for sure. This car is my second vehicle because I own another car also. Since then I've driven it only 15km and had only two oil changes and a coolant change. I love driving it but a few annoying items recently kind of turned me off. Some rust is starting to appear on the right rear wheel arch and the air bag light came on and is still on when I drive. Also the expansion tank for coolant has a small leak and the gas gauge sometimes doesn't read full after putting in a full tank of gas. Mileage could be a little better since this car uses 91 octane with only 170 horsepower. I'm thinking seriously of changing this vehicle for another car before a really expensive repair is needed.

17th Apr 2009, 09:09

Reading the posts here in relation to a range of cars, and I'm struck by how many more problems American reviewers seem to experience than their European counterparts. I wonder if it's the climate or some other less tangible cause!!!

17th Apr 2009, 16:00

Agreed. Cars which are otherwise fine outside North America seem to have so many problems. That's why I suggested to the administrator of this site to add little country flags -- so readers doing research can see just from the flags how many negative reviews come from there vs. the rest of the world.

17th Oct 2013, 07:35

Not all of the 323i for this year were made in Germany; the ones for the Australian market were made in South Africa.

17th Oct 2013, 13:50

That's right - many BMWs (3-series) and Mercedes (C-Class) are built in South Africa for countries that have right-hand drive.