22nd Dec 2005, 18:00

I just bought a 1986 325es 5 speed with a short shift kit, with 168,000 miles on it, that's the only mod done to the car. Paid $700. Bought an E30 M3 suspension for it, conversion to 5-lug, bigger brakes, stainless steel brake lines (off a car that was converted to a "real" race car). Runs great, and I plan on making it my daily driver. 17" BBS wheels are ready to go on as soon as the suspension is installed. AC works good, everything is as it should be. The paint is faded due to sun! New paint soon.

12th Feb 2006, 22:07

Here's a follow up to my 500 dollar BMW. It is now 6 months later and the car has about 196000 on it. The center bearing for the driveshaft went, 35.00 part bought on line, 100.00 labor.

I replaced the timing belt, 150.00 with labor as a precautionary measure, and I needed to replace the fuel rail because I screwed it up putting in a new pressure regulator. So, I would have to say, when one considers that if I had been making even minimum car payments, in 6 months, I would have paid 1200.00. I've put about 400.00 into the car, so I would have to say that I'm still having quite a laugh.

Also, there is a great community of BMW owners out there on the web who will always help. I suggest the Bimmerfest website for free technical info, and BavAuto.com for new and used parts. Plus, of course, EBAY, if one can stand their spoof emails.

And, who cares about a Blue Book value? Evidently, that individual has never driven a Bimmer. I suggest that person buy all the Howlin' Wolf and Sun Records one can find, getting one's self a BMW with about 100000 plus miles on it, and finding out what it means to love having to drive your car... anywhere!

16th Jun 2006, 17:56

He really is having a laugh. I don't know about the rest of you, but the $800 he saved off of blue book for a perfectly good, extremely fun car is no small deal to me. he got a fun and sporty 325es when for the money he should have gotten an oil leak ridden ford tempo. Laugh it up, man!