1986 BMW 3 Series 325 2.7L from North America


Wonderful drivers car


Battery died, but it was a faulty battery.

Starter Solenoid should be replaced, as I get trouble once in a while, but it still works without it.

Just about everything in the car is on the verge of dying, but by some miracle, it clings to life.

General Comments:

I love this car. There's something about rear wheel drive that's just incredible. This car itself is not the best example, having high kms and being poorly maintained by its past owner (s). At the same time, that's the reason why it is such a great example. It has almost 350 000 km now, and it's still a joy to drive. it has more than ample power, and the rear wheel drive is always a joy. It can be a bit of a chore to drive if the roads are very icy, and busy, but when the roads are empty, I put the car sideways on just about every corner, and it goes exactly where I want it to. it leaves me looking forward to the next chance I'll have to drive her. It also feels rock solid at any speed, even 140+.

As with most other E30s I've read about, my interior lights aren't there, and my doors, especially the front passenger door, can be sticky sometimes.

All things considered, I would not hesitate to recommend this car to anyone who's looking for a cheap used car that is also a joy to drive.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2006

2nd Jan 2006, 18:51

"It also feels rock solid at any speed, even 140+."

OK I know this statement is totally false, since the 325 eta motor topped out at only 180kph/112.5mph.

Even on my newer 325is, I can only reach 210kph/131.25mph wiht performance mods.

26th Jan 2006, 02:58

Well, considering that he referred to the mileage on his vehicle in km I would assume that he is referring to the max speed of 140+KM/h, and not mph.

1986 BMW 3 Series 325 ES 2.7 liter from North America


This car was meant for people who are individuals


Minor issues due to lack of home maintainence.

General Comments:

Please don't be jealous, but I only paid 500.00 for the car and it is straight.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

3rd Aug 2005, 08:48

Jealous of a 500 dollar BMW. Are you having a laugh. So, even if you got it cheap, how much did you save on its current book value. Laughable!

4th Aug 2005, 00:16

You really need to follow up with an update in another year or so.

Tell us what you had to do to it.

Then we'll really know if we should be jealous or not.

1986 BMW 3 Series 325e 2.7 litre inline six cylinder from North America


The only car I will ever buy again


The switch for controlling the high\low beams doesn't want to stay in the low beam setting.

The starter came loose and wasn't engaging the flywheel.

General Comments:

This is the second 325e that I have owned and I really enjoy these cars. They last like no other car I have ever owned. This car is in beautiful shape for a car that is five years old and in unbelievable shape for a 14 year old car. I really try to impress upon people the longevity of the BMW cars and the cost efficiency of owning one of these. Very comfortable and smooth to ride in and excellent gas mileage.

My only negative thing with this car is that it is an automatic, but when you buy a car for $900.00, you cannot complain about the little things.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2004

24th Jan 2005, 17:35

The model year and heading year are different is it a 1985 or a 1986.

1986 BMW 3 Series 325 ES 2.5 inline six from North America


Cheap performance and luxury


Replaced hoses, thermostat, and water pump, replaced spark plugs, plug wires and rotor, replaced fuel filter, replaced muffler.

Passenger window doesn't roll down, interior door handle is broken, odometer doesn't work, gas gauge jumps around, trim piece under steering column falls down.

Body and paint are in decent shape, but could both use refinishing.

Interior trim is all in good shape with the exception of some pieces. The seats have been recovered in leather and are very comfortable.

General Comments:

The car has a comfortable sporty feel, and handles like a high dollar sports car.

Can't really comment on performance, since mine still isn't fully road worthy.

Car starts to run hot, and coolant bubbles out of the coolant tank. Anyone with any info would be a big help. It's the only thing keeping the car off the road.

I love the car, and I picked it up for cheap, $1750, and it's worth every last penny.

I found the best place to get parts and accessories is at Bavarian Autosports. bavauto.com

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Review Date: 15th September, 2004

9th Nov 2004, 14:34

You will want to go to www.BMAautoparts.com. I am an owner of a 325ES with 175,000 miles, and have found them to be much cheaper than the rest of the part suppliers, since I just finished rebuilding my entire head.