1986 BMW 3 Series 325e 2.7 from Lithuania


A good car for it's price


The driver's seat break down.

I bought it fixed, but the head of the engine was dead before me.

Leaking of break fluid.

Plus some funny problems, like broken lamp in cabin, etc.

General Comments:

I paid 500 euro for it. The car goes very well, however there is not much space in the back. It should be quicker with engine this big, but the torque is huge, like in diesel, so it's really amazing when I can accelerate so quickly on any gear. Doors of the car do not close easily. It has absolutely no rust. Still, if time would turn back, I'd buy a 3 series BMW, but with 2.5 engine..

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2004

1986 BMW 3 Series 318i 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Still strong and classy


Radiator replaced twice, air con repaired, minor electrical problems, but not much else.

Involved in a major accident and solid build may have saved my life. It has been successfully repaired since.

General Comments:

Very solid compact car which despite its age still exudes class. My (well serviced) car still looks new even though its over 17 years old!

Involved in major accident (mid 1990's) but was repaired properly and has had no subsequent problems. Don't believe everything they say about cars that have been involved in accidents. If they have been repaired properly, mileage and service history is far more important.

Just like Mercedes, 1980's BMW's certainly seemed to have been built better than later models.

This has been a very economical car with surprisingly relatively low maintenance costs.

Auto versions are leisurely on take-off, but superb on the open highway. They also handle very well (but take care on wet roads).

Now that they are getting a little old (and a lot cheaper), I would still recommend a well looked after (low mileage) especially as a second car.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2003

1986 BMW 3 Series 325ic 2.5 gasoline straight six from Spain


Big Mexican Woman


When I bought it, it was on a pitiful condition: during 2 full years it had been garaged and unused. I Had to change tires, liquids, battery, glove box (the car had been tempted to steal many times).

Also had to replace the shocks that hold the convertible cover, the one from the engine. Minor works on electricity due to short circuits. The antenna still does not work. Radio cassette is almost dead, good speakers though. Driver's seat is already worn out. Sometimes the engine overheats when staying idle for a while (about 1 hour) especially on trafic jams.

Idle regular when start (850rpm), gets higher when warmer (1000rpm).

The convertible top is quite damaged due to not taking care of it and some robberies. It's dried, the noise gets too present at speeds over 160km/h. windows flip with roof when closing doors.

Red color starting to fade, bumpers have some rust on the under part.

General Comments:

The most entertaining car I have ever driven! I love it! No power assisted steering, but delightful feeling of the three spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel (especially on B-roads), no air conditioning (Summer is very hot in Madrid), no electric cover (the fewer goodies it has, the fewer things can give me headache).

Great engine, smooth as silk with a humming that goes with you on every trip. Gets good mileage, about 10l/100km running between 140-160km/h and 12l on heavy city driving.

Value increases everyday, as it gives you eye-glances from everyone when open.

Engine starts perfect. On board computer is so reliable that nowadays not used anymore because it gives car almost eternal life.

Handles like a kart, suspension is hard as well.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2003

1986 BMW 3 Series ES 2.7 lt / inline six from North America


Really is the ultimate driving machine


Broken rocker arm at 172,000 miles (previous owner neglected valve adjustment and general timing belt maintenance. Performed partial engine rebuild (new water pump & new timing belt also installed as a precaution)

Front wheel bearings, ball joints, all four shocks.

Muffler repaired three times before I finally had to purchase the entire unit at 220,000 miles.

Leatherette seat cover wearing badly (there is definitely no substitute for real leather)

General Comments:

Excellent all round vehicle, well suited to all driving situations.

Superb handling except in icy conditions.

Fuel efficient especially when compared to my 1992 BMW 535i.

Very reliable in all ways, has never been out of commission for any mechanical failure. Engine is virtually bulletproof as long as you remember to replace the timing belt every 50-60,000 miles (extremely important!!).

Preventative maintenance is relatively cheap or comparable to that of cheaper car makes.

Loads of torque on demand, but additional horsepower would not hurt.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2003