19th Jun 2017, 21:48

I've heard these things aren't all that fun to drive; much better just to look at.

20th Jun 2017, 17:24

Elvis car perhaps? He had one while he was stationed in Germany. Beautiful car.

20th Jun 2017, 22:10

What? The reviewer claims the car is a joy to drive as it purrs at 110 MPH! And, that it needed no repairs in 7 years and 107K miles!

Are you saying all that could be... untrue?! Say it isn't so!

21st Jun 2017, 11:13

They way I read it was no problems. That could just be routine maintenance and age related upkeep. No serious driveline issues. I believe this auction car was Elvis. Very rare. I read about it coming up if it hasn't already. Take a look at the front. Very nice looking car. He owned some imports, including a Mercedes 600. Not just Cadillacs and a Mark I.

21st Jun 2017, 21:21

Everything said on the internet is a lie.

Except this comment.

22nd Jun 2017, 11:42

So all the people that physically saw the Elvis fully restored car at the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours were all dreaming? That's a good one. This is one very rare car even without that connection.

22nd Jun 2017, 17:45

Wow! You must attend a lot of car shows?

23rd Jun 2017, 13:12

21:21 certainly has some trust issues.

23rd Jun 2017, 14:05

What does all that have to do with whether this is a legit review or not? Did Elvis post it from wherever he is now?

23rd Jun 2017, 19:29

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

24th Jun 2017, 00:35

Look, I don't care that Elvis owned it. And sure he is not obviously driving it. But the rarity of this low production vehicle with the celebrity connection will affect its value. Just like a Steve McQueen vintage Jag or one of his rarer motorcycles. That's it. I may be wrong and it may even detract from its value, but I highly doubt it. I brought up his name only connected to a very rare low production car with very few in existence. It's a special interest vehicle. If your interest carries over into cruise night attendance, that's fine by me. Some of us are serious collectors; to others it's simply just another car with a casual glance at best.

24th Jun 2017, 17:56

Who is going to drive a 1.8 million dollar car to a cruise night?

25th Jun 2017, 22:03

Maybe he left his Tacoma at home.