1987 BMW 5 Series 528e from North America


The best car I've ever owned


My head gasket blew at 370,000. A new gasket was all it needed.

Fuel pump replaced at about 200,000.

I replaced the front seats at about 250,000.

A couple of little quirks like the tail lights getting bumped when I overload my trunk.

The wiper fuse blows often.

General Comments:

This was a car that had been sitting in someone's driveway, not running for a few years. They offered it to us for free. We took a mechanic, who wiggled a wire and drove it home.

I have driven it across the country, and wouldn't hesitate to do it anytime. I can't imagine it ever failing me, or ever getting rid of it.

My husband bought me a beautiful 635CSi, but I secretly love my 528 more.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2012

24th Apr 2012, 09:51

Great review. Your husband and yourself would find a lot of kin minded souls at The Truth About Cars and Curbside Classic.

We have a fellow who has owned three of these things, and seemingly has driven them about 700,000 miles. Great cars. Thanks for the neat write-up.

1987 BMW 5 Series 535i 3.5 from North America


100% WOW


Nothing at this time, works 100% perfect. But has had all the issues already taken care of (ie the dash light problem, the rear end replaced, the metric wheel changed out to a more standard set up).

General Comments:

This is a 23 year old car, but and I say again, but it is still an awesome automobile. The body is 100% sound, no rust, I have the paper work from day 1 going forward for this car, and can tell it is been well taken care of.

The gas guzzler issue can be easily fixed, drive with a lighter foot! I can get 100km on 9.7 litre of gas, or if I have an extra few dollars, can alter that to about 100km on 18 litres, but sometimes you just need to show the folks out there this car is a sports car! This car is a gentleman's sports car when it needs to be, or a stop 'em and drop 'em machine with little effort.

I have put a short shift into it, and updated the sound system; other than that, it is stock. The tan leather is still in 95% new condition, the power antenna works, no leaks.

Awesome car if you can get one do it! It is the 65 Mustang of BMW's.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2010

8th Sep 2010, 18:00

This is an update on my last review.

I have had a couple of minor issues with 23/24 year old wiring and fuses going, but still absolutely love this car.

Being I drive 85% highway, 15% city, I can now say that after 9 months of daily use, I am averaging about 8.1 litres per 100km driving. This car is awesome!

I am looking at changing the wheels to either 17 or 18" rims as with that this car will be better than a 2010 fresh off the lot!

The inline 6 is a fantastic motor, I have 203,000 miles on mine and the compression is still right where it should be.

1987 BMW 5 Series 528e from North America


Despite all of its problems, I love my car


The odometer is broken.

Fuses kept on blowing.

Timing belt broke.

Muffler fell off.

Alternator broke.

Serpentine belt went bad.

Bees now reside in the car.

General Comments:

I love my car. It's a good trophy for my driveway, since I currently do not have the funds to fix it up.

I highly look forward to driving it again, it's a great car in handling and looks.

It was fun to drive when it worked, but it was highly unreliable. I broke down while driving on four different occasions.

Not knowing the actual mileage is a little frustrating.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2009

18th Oct 2009, 16:21

Gee, you bought a 16 year old car and you're surprised you're having problems? We have a 1987 528e bought new and meticulously maintained. It's never had a serious problem. I suspect that the issue was bad or non existent maintenance by several previous owners.