1987 BMW 5 Series 528e 3 from North America


Junk it or find the problem


It stalls. It was fixed for a reported starter relay problem, then again for clutch fan? (overheating was said as the reason for stalling). Problem is starting again... it ran great for 6 months. Is it fuses, fuel? Bad fan?

General Comments:

I feel it is a sturdy car. Safe for my light weight kid with no airbags, but I want it to be reliable.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2008

20th May 2008, 07:35

183,000 miles on a 21 year old car. What do you expect?

1987 BMW 5 Series e28 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


A great fun budget fixer upper


The near side rear strut failed, but was cheap and easy to replace.

Fuse box collected moisture, causing electrical problems with the headlamps.

The air filter box was difficult to locate in it's clips, mislocation of this item causing the accelerator to stick wide open (sounds strange, but it's true)

Drivers seats wear badly.

Dashboard cracked due to UV / Sunlight on the plastic.

The boot seal is poor, causing a build up of condensation in the boot, which got into the real lamps and caused problems with the connections, another easily cured fault.

General Comments:

For an older car, the BMW 520i was very reliable and what faults id did throw up were almost all roadside repair job's that took less than ten minutes.

The straight six engine produces plenty of power, the automatic transmission puts it smoothly onto the road.

A great budget drive, lot's of fun.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2007

12th May 2010, 19:45

Just bought my second 528e.

1987 BMW 5 Series M535i 3.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


A truly great car


New water pump last summer.

Minor welding needed at last MOT.

General Comments:

I've always fancied one of these cars and took the plunge on one last March (2006). It had been stored for a couple of years, yet managed the 180 mile journey home without any issues at all.

I love the character of the car, its not massively quick by modern standards, but by no means embarrasses itself against newer cars. The dog-leg manual sports box takes some getting used to and to be honest I think its not needed with the thumping torque of the 3.5 six. Ah yes. The BMW M30 straight six. What a glorious engine! It's a truly wonderful "heart" of the car, with its effortless pull and muted growl. You find yourself just blipping the throttle at the lights to hear it bark!

Interior is comfortable, and wearing well. Heater valve has packed up, but you can still get the cabin nice and warm by adjusting the vents. Dash instruments have also died, but that's a common e28 fault.

Bad points? The most obvious is the the fuel consumption! I'm getting around 21mpg, which ain't great. Also, some rust is beginning to show throw underneath the car. If I decide to keep her, I'll spend the money and get it sorted.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2007

8th Jan 2007, 12:41

Congratulations on your purchase. The E28 is a fabulous car. I've owned an `84 533i (limited production) for the past 9 years. It is quite unique where I live. The car has such character and personality. My mechanic's 533i odometer read 400,000 miles. eight years ago. Refer to my review, regarding maintenance and tips. Good Luck!

1987 BMW 5 Series 535is 3.5 Inline 6 from North America


Bullet proof, fast, great handling!


Replaced exhaust including cat.

All front suspension parts at 125000.

All rear suspension parts at 180000.

REplaced water pump once.

Replaced transfer fuel pump twice.

Some electrical gremlins like dash lights blinking or going out.

Car still has 160 psi compression on all cylinders!

No major engine or transmission work.

Just tune ups!

General Comments:

Awesome car! Lots of power and great handling. Being rear wheel drive, this car needs a LSD, which the 535is has. I would have had even more fun with this car with a 5 speed. I love the white exterior with the red interior.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2005

9th Nov 2006, 09:55

Regarding the comment on LSD (limited-slip differential), the BMW 533i and 535i had an option for LSD. So some 533's and 535's had it, some didn't. My 533i, does not have this. Too bad since it can help on slick surfaces.

9th Nov 2006, 09:58

Note: US spec. E28 535i has a 3.4 liter engine, 533i has a 3.2 liter, and the 528e has a 2.7 liter.