1992 BMW 5 Series SE 525i from UK and Ireland


A high comfort and high performance bargain


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

What a fantastic motor!

I have only had my car 3 weeks but have found no surprises. I bought it with one minor fault* and none have since surfaced.

It drives like a dream, the acceleration is more than adequate - serious power when you need it, in 3rd 4th or 5th gears. The acceleration seems to go on forever with a huge power band - plus noticeable surge above 4,000 revs.

And what a great looking engine.

It is a car I want to invent journeys for, just to drive it.

*The minor fault is a non-operating air flow slider (for the side vents) hardly a worry!

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Review Date: 21st June, 2001

29th Sep 2001, 03:23

I bought my '95 518 a couple of months ago. Apart from the high mileage shown on the odometer (you wouldn't know from the condition of the car), it has no faults to worry about.

The car is a dream. I was told it would be "underpowered"... It is nothing of the sort if used as a normal saloon on normal roads. It is easy to drive, very comfortable, beautifully fitted with original equipment and look great. Many folk have said how well it looks.

All that for under 3 grand. What else do I want?


7th Jan 2003, 16:58

I have had 1 1995 520SE for 2 and a half years, I bought it with 92k miles and it has now reached 127k. It has always been reliable and looks and drives like new. I have had one problem with the cooling fan clutch with needed replacing (£97) and have had new disks and pads on the front (£200). I replaced two tyres for an outrageous £360 at Kwickfit, unfortunately only Dunlop make the (apparently) odd size 235 tyres.

The car has passed the two MOTs I have had to put it trough without needing any work. Average fuel consumption is around 28 Mpg and it doesn't use a drop of oil between services. All the electric goodies still work and handling and ride are better than some new cars.

I was nervous when I bought my BMW as it had a high mileage, I have since learned what a well engineered car it is and need not of worried.



29th Mar 2003, 11:13

I bought a 2000 520se with 60k on the clock in Sep 2002. It is 'as new' and hides its higher than average mileage very well. It's a joy to drive with the 6 cylinder 2 litre engine proving not a bit underpowered for normal family use. My previous car was an Omega 2.5lt estate that had plenty of grunt so I expected worse performance than the 520 actually delivers.

I'd recommend one to any discerning driver unless he wants 0-60 in 7.5 seconds (and fuel bills to match).

1992 BMW 5 Series 518i 1.8 petrol from Sweden


Expensive but reasonable quality, overpriced


Strange very annoying noise emits from behind the dash even when fan is not switched on, sounds like some sort of valve/electric motor being opened & shut - continues all the time, BMW dealer has no explanation.

When started engine makes clicking noise, fan /water pump - even after service it came back.

General Comments:

Mostly wear & tear, although I thought that about £700 for a "Service II" was a lot of money. Lots of noise from underneath, suspension/ hocks beginning to get old perhaps. I have to agree the seats are very comfy, even better than the new BMW's.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2000

14th Feb 2001, 09:51

The clicking noise on startup is cold, dry tappets, should wear off once the engine is warm.

13th Jul 2001, 03:19

I think £700 is a bit steep even for a service II, you can get them for under £250 at BMW specialists.

17th Jan 2006, 08:13

You've been one of the Lucky 5 series owners then!

15th Feb 2006, 11:56

My experience of the noise when you start is:

Fill some thicker oil on it... 15W40... That made mine stop...

1992 BMW 5 Series 520i E34 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Since I bought it last year (6/97) have changed middle & back box with 2 piece set up instead of BMW standard 1 piece, cheaper if either needs changed again!

General Comments:

Underpowered at bottom end but great to drive when cruising!

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Review Date: 26th July, 1998