1993 BMW 5 Series 530i 3.0 from Costa Rica


Dream sports sedan


The right back window stopped working, but after a while started working again slowly.

General Comments:

The E34 5 series has a timeless design.

It is an amazingly fast car, just gas it and you will smoke any 2007.

You are driving a $50.000+ car for a fraction of that cost.

The amount of comfort features that a 14 year old car gives you is amazing. Some of them are not even optional in many new cars.

Even though it only has the driver's air bag, it makes me feel safe cruising with my family.

The only minor problem is the gas consumption. I only drive it in a very busy rush hour and it only makes 25km/g, but probably other cars will do around 32-35 in those conditions.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

1993 BMW 5 Series 525 TDS 2.5 turbo diesel from Lithuania


Good at both - driving at busy city, and economic at long distances


Both front shock absorbers broke in the first month (dealers fault).

A/C didn't work. The heater wouldn't blow properly, as the air filter would get junked in less than a month (City driving).

Rear taillights were problematic. Bulbs would burn out constantly. This seems to be 5series problem.

Some minor suspension repair was needed once a while.

Finally engine got messed up (285k km). Too much to list what happened to it. But the dealers which sold the car, got they fingers into the engine.

General Comments:

Quality car. It performed extremely well in daily driving at city, and had perfect fuel consumption on the long distances 6,5L/100km (38,5mpg).

Very comfortable interior. Both front and rear passengers would feel comfortable. Drivers seat is superb.

Very low levels of noise. Even at speed of 140km/h. You don't have to increase volume of stereo at higher speeds.

However, car lacks handling at more agressive driving style. That is what I really missed from my previous 3series BMW.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2006

8th Mar 2006, 10:17

The handling can be improved very cheaply. Just install front bushings from the E32 750, they are not expensive and make the car handle so much better you will not believe it is the same car you are driving.

1993 BMW 5 Series 530i 3.0 V8 from UK and Ireland


The wrong motor - should have got the 2.8 straight 6


* Block replaced shortly after purchase (Nikasil issue) at dealer's expense.

* Fuel pump (110K)

* Water pump (120K)

* Coolant leak at rear of engine

* Oil pressure relief valve (broken spring = no oil pressure)

* Clutch pedal broke

* Air con compressor is on the way out now.

General Comments:

Great car. Very comfortable, spacious, fun to drive. Fast, but it does need revving - there is surprisingly little torque low down for a 3.0

Leather interior (light grey) has worn exceedingly well. No rust, no chassis problems, just the engine. Minor mechanical problems can turn into major ones because access is so limited (big motor in small space).

No electrical gremlins so far.

Recently had the injectors ultrasonically cleaned and can now get 32-33 mpg on a longer run. Averages 23 mpg overall.

Find an independent expert to service it and it will last forever. Dealer service prices assume you have money to burn.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2003

1993 BMW 5 Series 525iM 2.5 petrol from South Africa


Luxury and performance in a quality package!


I received the full maintenance history with the vehicle when I bought it. Other than normal maintenance items, the only component failure reported was a water pump, at around 180000 kms. Since taking ownership of the car I have had a thermostat failure (238 000 kms), and the water pump became noisy and was replaced for the second time at 246 000 kms.

General Comments:

It is only with age and a fair amount of mileage that the true quality of a vehicle can be seen. In this case the E34 5 Series Beemer most rank as one of the best all-round family cars on the road today - the paint work, leather and overall solidity of the car compares favourably with cars half its age!

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Review Date: 12th November, 2002