1993 BMW 5 Series 520i from UK and Ireland


The best car I've ever had

General Comments:

The car cruises very well. It is a car that wants to be driven.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2002

1993 BMW 5 Series td 2.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Fabulous diesel


Drivers window, runs out of rubber seal at the top - haven't got to the bottom of this, but I suspect the seal will need replacement.

Power steering pump packed up, repaired under warranty.

Front anti-roll bar link worn and noisy - easy fairly cheap repair.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car. I have had many cars that are faster/bigger/cheaper, but all-round this is the best car that I have ever owned.

The diesel engine is very impressive. It is incredibly quiet and pulls like a train. You are aware of needing to be in the correct gear, but the torque really gets you moving.

Gearbox is the best. I prefer automatics, but this manual change is so good that it's a pleasure to drive.

Interior is a bit gloomy and perhaps a little old-fashioned. However, everything is built and operates like it was made for the military; very impressive. Seats are comfortable with lots of adjustment.

Fuel economy is brilliant - I get high thirties in mixed driving. Very good for a big heavy car.

This is a real driver's car even with the diesel engine. The handling is the business, and would show up many smaller cars and hot-hatches.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

1993 BMW 5 Series Touring 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Good family car for weekends, expensive for the rush hour run


Bought the car privately with known faults, repaired by specialist.

Currently a problem with the BMW fitted alarm system.

General Comments:

A good solid car for the family providing space, comfort, reliability and all the refinements associated with executive cars.

I was lucky enough to pick one up at reasonable price with full leather, double sunroof, air con, full electric pack, remote alarm, on board computer etc.

This is my second 525iSE in this model, my first being the saloon. This car is a lot heavier than the saloon, and therefore displays disappointing acceleration. So don't expect speed - but plenty of power from its 192bhp, 6 cylinder engine.

Heavier car also means more fuel - and this car is quite thirsty, averaging 24mpg around town, 34mpg on the motorway.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

1993 BMW 5 Series 530i Touring 3.0 32v quad cam from UK and Ireland


Fast, vast, super size sports car



General Comments:

Lots of interior room (though it is a big car), but it is a 4 seater for comfort, not a 5 seater.

The boot is huge so you can literally throw things in the back.

The split tailgate is wonderful. Why don't all estates have this?

The V8 is amazingly smooth, tractable (pulls from 1000rpm in 5th - yes I have a manual V8, rarity I know), and has power to spare. Hits 60 in 7.5 and goes on to 150mph (yes I've tried it).

Manual box is strong and positive - hey, it's a BMW.

Traction control a necessary evil when controlling a 1700kg car on huge tires if you're tired. But turn it off to have some fun and this car does not disappoint.

Arm rests, air con, excellent seats, perfect ventilation, dual sun roof, the list goes on. This car is luxury sports estate. It does it all.

One down side - thirst. I average 21.5mpg and get 23.5 on a long motorway stretch (sat at a constant 85mph or so).

BMW dealers friendly, courteous, efficient. I call them, a week later they take the car from my workplace, service it, clean it, and bring it back before I am ready to go home. What more could you ask for? And cheaper than Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes too!

Have decided not to buy an M5 - my next car will be a 540.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2001

1993 BMW 5 Series 525 24v SE 2.5 from UK and Ireland


Terrific car


Very little! I had the air con condenser replaced under warranty by the non franchised dealer I purchased the car from. In the process they damaged the radiator which at my request was replaced at a BMW main agent. Since then the only thing I've had to replace is the LED/auto closure switch on the alarm.

General Comments:

This is my 2nd E34 525 in 4 years. The 24v is a great improvement on the 12v especially with the vanos. These are great cars but buy the best you can afford with the highest spec you can find! I'm lucky that mine has air, leather and electric roof. Many of them with air did not have the roof. The only negative comment I can make is that the 5 speed electronic auto box sometimes gets confused in traffic or stop start conditions. I'm currently looking at E39 528's at the moment. I hope they're as good!!

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Review Date: 8th May, 2000

17th Jan 2001, 10:35

I had three excellent E34's and one disaster E39 (now sold). It's put me right off BMW for good.

1st Feb 2001, 07:52

My E34/91 is also good, only the automatic box was broken after 170.000km.

22nd Sep 2001, 06:20

Go for an E39, they are great and you won't be disappointed. Very reliable.

Good luck.

16th Aug 2003, 19:26

The E34 is the most reliable BMW ever. The 24valve non vanos especially - with just enough power to see off those silly little "Boy-Racers".

1993 BMW 5 Series 525i SE Auto 2.5 24v petrol straight 6 from UK and Ireland


Only a dead battery, but that caused the on board computer to say all sorts of things! When new battery was fitted, suddenly computer said all was okay again!

General Comments:

BMW's and dealers are fantastic. Cheap to buy second hand, cheap to insure, service, with good fuel economy.

Auto means the car is swift rather than fast, but the 5 speed auto is one of motorings all time greats.

Super smooth motorway express with enough poise to hold it's own against sporty Fords and Vauxhalls through the bends.

Only thing better is M5...

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2000

14th Dec 2000, 18:57

I am looking to purchase a 1992 525i from a dealer. I have never seen a car in such excellent condition. I live in Ohio (United States) and I wanted to know what I should look closely at, before I decide to buy. Send responses to db_1984@yahoo.com. Thanks

11th Jul 2001, 14:18

I just bought a '91 525i auto. it is a wonderful car. On '91 and probably '92s as well - the main thing that goes wrong is the front control arm bushings need to be replaced - also check to see if the refrigerant system has been converted yet to R-134.

16th Jun 2002, 12:25

I'm from the Middle East and I have a 90' model 525i the air-condition is very good although it's extremely hot in here maintenance wise is very low and also the fuel consumption.