1997 BMW 5 Series 540i Touring 4.4 V8 from UK and Ireland


A masterpiece of German Engineering


Air conditioning condenser fan failed (common problem I'm told). The condenser was an original BMW part and was showing very minor signs of leakage, so it was replaced at the same time as the fan (£300 all in).

Rear window lift motor has failed. Fortunately in the 'up' position, Not yet been quoted to repair/replace.

Both rocker cover gaskets replaced due to very minor leak (£100 all in).

General Comments:

Had the restrictive rear silencer removed and replaced with a magnaflow universal rear box.

Also had the engine management system re-mapped by a company called 'Chipped-UK'. These modifications saw the BHP rise from 282 (Still as good as the day it left the factory! That shows just how good these engines are) to 320. The fuel consumption is also better now and the car has a far smoother power curve. The difference in power is excellent and the car sounds wonderful too. According to the on board computer, on the motorway at around 70 - 80mph, It can return between 27 and 37mpg.

The car has the TV and Satnav too, so it's almost home from home in there.

Absolutely love this car. May sell one day, but likely to be only for another 540 touring or 3 series convertible with the 2.8 engine, or an M3 if I can afford one.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2007

1997 BMW 5 Series 540i V8 from North America


Very well balanced car, but, put some money aside for repairs!!!


I've had a few problems with the car since I bought it a year and a half ago. About 3 months after I got it, the car failed to start and needed to be towed to the local BMW dealership. The total cost was $450 to have the car repaired. About 6 months later, I began having an issue where the car would shake suddenly. Once again, I dropped the car off at my local BMW dealership where I spent $600 on repairs. I've also replaced the tires for a total cost of $500 (they are 18")

General Comments:

General comments:

More than anything. I absolutely love the look of this car. My car is a dark silver that looks almost purple under the light. It has numerous subtle areodynamic aftermarket parts from AC Schnitzer that make the car look absolutely spectacular. The most worthwhile, in my opinion, is the add-on to the front air-dam. This lowers the front of the car (which, in my mind, looks a bit soft without it) and gives it a much more aggressive edge. The lights on my car are all updated to 2002+ spec, which also helps out a lot.

The performance is nice. Unlike some reviews of this car, however, I feel that the performance is simply in-line with the weight of the car. It feels "right" for average driving. Powerful enough to be fun. GREAT acceleration from 50+ miles an hour upwards. It feels strong, not quick, if that makes any sense. From a performance standpoint, I think I would like my next car to be a bit faster. I've started looking at used Ferarris online for when I turn 30 in a few years!

The car is very comfortable and luxurious. I almost felt like the car was "too nice" for the first couple weeks I drove it. However, that feeling soon passed. Controls are easy to use and the overall experience for the passengers is great. True understated luxury.

I would recommend this car. I would definitely put money aside for repairs, however.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2006

1997 BMW 5 Series 528i 2.8 inline 6 from North America


A great car for the money


Needs a drivers window regulator.

Did fist oil change myself.

Changed air filter.

General Comments:

This is THE Ultimate Driving Machine! It handles incredible for any car, but absolutely amazing for 153600 miles! The materials are all quality, and I would have no reservations about taking this car anywhere. Mine is Aubergine (dark plumb, which is a very rare colour) over Sand beige heated leather. I have Digital Sound Processing 12 speaker factory unit with a 6 disc changer in the trunk. Overall it has held up amazingly for being ten years old. SO, SO happy that I traded the SAAB for this beauty.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2006

19th May 2007, 09:11

After 8 months of owning this car, it has actually cost us less that the smaller (less stable) SAAB 9-3. We have enjoyed driving this car and it always amazes me when I drive it. If I could do it again I certainly would.