1997 BMW 5 Series 528i 2.8L straight six from North America



General Comments:

This is the most balanced sadan in the world. Great ride, great comfort, great handling, and fine straight line performance. The only improvement I would make is stickier tires.

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Review Date: 28th January, 1998

20th Apr 2001, 14:32

High maintenance once it hit over 55K miles. Oxygen sensors and cam shaft sensors went bad. Sun roof tilt does not work.

1997 BMW 5 Series 523i 2.5 petrol from UK and Ireland


Alarm system replaced.

Part of fascia panel replaced because of rattle.

Faulty seat-belt buckle.

Faulty cup-holder.

General Comments:

I expected to have no problems - but BMW's are 'human' after all!

Best saloon car I've ever driven.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

1997 BMW 5 Series 540i Sport 4.4 32 valve V8 petrol from UK and Ireland


Nothing whatsoever has gone wrong in the first 22,000 miles.

General Comments:

Great, great, great car! The best I've ever owned. More comfortable than my neighbours Lexus LS400 and faster than my brothers Cossie!! Too many kids in XR3s want to race.

17 inch multipiece wheels are a bear to keep clean. A bit difficult getting a smooth start in 1st...clutch can be a bit vague. Surprising economy...cruising in 6th at 95+ at only 2000rpm. Front end styling beautiful...rear end rather boring but less contrived than Audi A-6. A few too many jealous morons with sharp keys.

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Review Date: 26th August, 1997

2nd May 2001, 15:33

Did you ever race a c43? I own a c43 and love racing 540's. It is always close but my c43 comes out on top.

31st Aug 2001, 17:02

To be fair, I'd expect a C43 to come out on top. The C43 is Mercs answer to the M3 (which comprehensively destroys the C43, albeit without the option of an auto box).

An E430 would be a closer match, and I think you'll find that the 540 is just a touch quicker...

7th Feb 2003, 11:36

I agree. You should compete with M3s and not with family 540is saloons!

2nd Jul 2003, 18:47

Well you shouldn't call this car a "racer" anyway. It seats 4 comfortably, has full power and a smooth v-8. It's a sport tourer. If you want sports car compare a merk or something to an M-5, a little more fair. I mean we don't all compare Ferrari 360 Modenas to Toyota camrys do we?

8th Nov 2021, 06:24

I also own a 99 MBZ C43 AMG as well as a 99 BMW 540i.

The torque on the C43 is better, acceleration as well, it's definitely faster than the 540i.

The C43 AMG is cheaper to maintain, both car have approx 87K on clock.

The 4.4L on the 540i is notorious for oil leaks, but the car has way better paint/fact rust proofing than the C43 AMG.

I have to keep a very close eye on the C43 AMG for corrosion, MBZ outsourced the

work and it's junk!

At the cost now of about $135.00 to $145.00 an hour shop rates here it pays to learn how to do your own work.

I am buying a 97 BMW 540i as well with 91K on the clock.

Love both cars, but best learn to work on them.