2005 BMW 5 Series 545i 4.4 8 cylinder from North America


Powerful, sharp, and demanding


Front wheel bearings, minor oil leaks, full cooling system overhaul, Logic 7 amplifier.

General Comments:

I bought this car from a previous owner who did not maintain the car (for a great price)... big mistake. These E60 BMWs need to be maintained the correct way in order to be reliable. Part of the reason BMWs of this era are prone to issues is that the dealer recommends oil change intervals of 12,000 miles. Oil left circulating in an engine for this long begins to eat away at various seals and gaskets, and causes oil leaks.

In the case of BMW V8s, potential owners should be wary of cooling issues, especially with city cars. I just replaced my water pump, main upper and lower cooling hoses, and both belts, and the car now runs very well and smooth. I actually purchased a brand new water pump with gaskets off of eBay for $39. The quality of the new eBay part was miles better than the BMW original... the OEM pump uses a plastic impeller, whereas the new part uses a metal one.

Aside from all of this however, the car is an absolute blast to drive. This is one seriously powerful and quick car. My car did not come with the Sport package, but I added new springs and Bilstein yellow struts at all 4 corners and it rides and handles great. The styling is also timely enough that it still looks sharp and modern today.

The key to owning a BMW of this era is to stay up to date with maintenance, find a good indy mechanic, and buy all of your own parts online.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2016

14th Dec 2017, 00:16

A new water pump for $40? I would suggest you place a live camera to film check the water every minute you are driving the car. Forget about the metallic impeller, it's the bearing and bearing seal quality which should be good for some Chinese car toy at that price. How could you just gamble this much on one of the most important, if not the most important component in your car? Your V8 is an interference engine. And you were warning us about owners who don't maintain properly their car.

To all others, never buy no name or cheap brand water pumps for any car brands. With no exception, either get the water pump from the main dealer or get the brand that is furnishing the main dealer (Graf, Aisin, Hepu, etc). This is the single part that will cost you the entire engine. Read forums on all car brands to see which aftermarket part fails most often and ruins the engine.

14th Dec 2017, 15:34

Newer BMW water pumps don’t use impellers made of plastic - they’re composites, much more durable yet still light on load. When I got my ‘01 316TI in 2009, I asked my independent mechanic to replace the water pump as a precaution - as I usually do when I buy any used car. This time he said these ones don’t really give problems and he just kept checking it every service. It’s now nearly 8 years and 100K km since getting the car, still the original water pump. I’ll get him to replace it next service as a precaution.

2005 BMW 5 Series 530d 3.0L turbo diesel from Switzerland


Very good, reliable and fast car. Looks stunning!


Rear differential broke (replaced under warranty) at 20'000KM. According to my dealer (and to a source at BMW Switzerland) I have been the first one needing to replace the differential. They have had no idea what went wrong.

Navigation System / On-board computer replaced twice (45'000km and 75000km). The CCC Computer (as it is called) is known to break down for this car. With model year 2009 they have introduced the CIC which should be more reliable. Both times the BC has been replaced under warranty. CHECK OUT: THERE IS A 2-YEAR PART Warranty. Even if your car is no longer under warranty the CCC may well be!

Window Seals (20000KM) began to produce squeaking noises.

Phone Compatibility is a bit a nightmare (i.e. iPhone will not reliably work in 5 series cars from 2005).

General Comments:

Very comfortable, fast, quiet and reliable car.

Downsides are the size of the car and - especially in parkings - the height of the rear trunk (especially with the limousine).

Other than that: Very good car.

Don't make the error to order 16" rims for winter tires as the car starts to understeer badly. Go for the 17", maybe even better 18" rims if you (like I do) hate understeer.

Interior is very solid made, no wear & tear at all. Diesel consumption is at about 7.5-8.5 liters/100km. Pay attention: Winter and short distance drives easily add another 2 litres / 100KM since the engine is not really fast in getting it's normal temperature.

Turbo Lag is sometimes a bit annoying. If you can't live with it, go for the 535d which has two chargers.

I have switched back to a 3 series diesel estate (exchanged the car) recently. The 3 series is the more direct car, the 335d is a stunner.

Still, I think the 5 series 4 door is one of the best looking cars BMW ever made.

If you're searching for a car to do long journeys, the 5 series is your car.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2009

14th Dec 2017, 16:38

"According to my dealer (and to a source at BMW Switzerland) I have been the first one needing to replace the differential. They have had no idea what went wrong."

Excuses are the proof of guilt. Every psychologist will explain you this. Whenever a main dealer feels the need of saying: "you are the first one with this problem (any problem)", it means it is a well known problem and they may want to make you pay for it from your pockets. A very well known line.

15th Dec 2017, 22:53

Yeah. The reviewer said the differential was "replaced under warranty" so how is your theory applicable to this situation?