2006 BMW 5 Series 520d 2.0 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Great car for the motorway, not so good around town


Computer reported low tyre pressure after 2 days, had to get tyre replaced. No visible puncture on tyre found. No other issues since then.

General Comments:

Fuel economy is very good - combined average of 39.7mpg, 600 miles per tank of diesel.

Performance is adequate - acceleration is OK if you use all the revs, however at low speeds and high revs the engine is clearly loud and coarse. Comes into its own as a very comfortable motorway cruiser, great at 80-90mph with a lot of overtaking push in 5th or even 6th gear.

Handling is very good, refinement once cruising is outstanding, very chalk and cheese when comparing to refinement around town though.

Cabin is fine, would recommend people get leather seats as the cloth seats that came standard in mine are very very poor quality (provides all the support you need, but the cloth is 'loose', already showing light signs of wear after 2500 miles).

I would also recommend you spend the money on automatic transmission - this makes the best use of the engine's torque.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 29th October, 2006

24th Nov 2006, 10:49

I also have a 520D Manual with cloth seats. After 22K miles I can honestly say the seats are still in great condition, but leather will always help when coming to sell the car. Agree with everything you say about performance and engine noise. Overall very happy with the car which is tax efficient and econmical - not hard when compared to my old 2L petrol X-Type!

14th Mar 2007, 09:06

I have a BMW 520d on loan at the moment and I have to say that it is quite possibly the most dull vehicle I have ever driven.. totally characterless, slow, noisy, morose inside (cloth seats too). I am sure that it would be faultless to own, but after 2 weeks I wanted to kick it repeatedly. Granted everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I am sure my comments will invoke a raft of replies, but for the money I would not go near one...sorry.

24th May 2013, 04:41

Just wondering what you've been driving before?

24th May 2013, 05:08

Well, no, not for the money. Even with the torque of the diesel, the body's just a tad heavy for the engine. The engine would suit a smaller car like a 3-series; I reckon the 525d would be a more "balanced" combination.