2014 BMW 5 Series 528i 2.0 petrol turbo from North America


BMW deserves a “most improved” trophy


The only issues that had to be dealt with in the warranty period were a rattling door lock and a broken cup holder spring.

The only issue out of warranty (at 91k miles) was a muffler mount that came loose and was fixed with a new nut in a few minutes.

Once every week or two, the infotainment system will freeze, crash, and reboot. The USB port and some of the cigarette lighter ports do not work either.

Other than that, the car has been flawless.

General Comments:

Highway performance is unmatched—the vehicle is smooth and silent, even at high speeds.

Interior ergonomics are superb. Fit and finish is some of the best I have seen in a car.

Fuel economy is great (26.9 MPG).

Maintenance is easy; I do oil changes myself.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2019

2nd Apr 2023, 16:08

To me the owner sounds like he just got the car at 100000 miles, as opposed to owning it from new. Someone won't mention the interior fit and finish after owning a car for 100K miles. When looking to other reviews of the same model, we find out about serious issues that happen before these miles.

2014 BMW 5 Series from North America


The 2014 BMW looks good on the surface, but don't be deceived, they come with many problems


There was a recall on the thermostat. The fan motor is so loud it sounds like a lawn mower when the A/C is on. Also, the media option freezes and sometimes it will not pick up Bluetooth reception.

General Comments:

I like the feel and luxury style, however this car has major issues. I have taken it back to the dealer over 7 times for different issues. I feel I am stuck in this car and that is sad. When the A/C is on, it sounds so loud until it is embarrassing. The dealer says this is normal for a lot of the 2014 models. The previous owner got rid of it just after 1 year for a good reason.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2015

8th Nov 2015, 04:34

The radiator fan is not noisy from the factory; try another dealer.

11th Jan 2016, 18:49

The recall is across a few BMW models, not just the 5 series. Not anything you have to pay for anyway, and you want it to work properly, right?

There is a simple and easy update out for that specific Bluetooth issue; any service center or sales center product specialist can upload it via your USB port in the car. Takes maybe 10 mins max.

If you are using "Max A/C" or have the fan speed turned all the way up, you are going to get hurricane force winds, and yes that can be noisy. It's that way with any car from any manufacturer, especially Japanese brands like Acura and Lexus. Totally normal. If it's too loud, just turn down the fan speed or use regular A/C.

I fail to see how your car has 'many problems' otherwise. Please update us if there are any significant reliability issues with the car. As already suggested, maybe looking to a different service center could bring you a better ownership experience.

27th Sep 2016, 06:32

Which 5 Series are you writing about?

30th Sep 2016, 15:35

I wish my new black car in the summer had a hurricane force fan for the air conditioning. I would pay another grand for that feature in Florida.

28th Oct 2016, 03:14

Odd, my e28, e34, e39 and e60 all had "niggles" but nothing as to what's being described. I think I'll buy an F10 regardless.