29th Dec 2017, 01:46

I sincerely hope you informed the next owner of your chain guides.

30th Dec 2017, 04:27

I am the poster of the first comment, when I say any car will need wear items replaced - suspension components in particular - around the 100000 miles mark. 10 years ago I put that comment, that is some time. Any how, I read through the other people who commented, only to find those typical people saying: my car (no matter which brand) has 130000 miles and still has all original parts, just put tires and a battery on it. No matter which brand, Nissan, GM, Mercedes, whatever the brand, those who say "I have 120000 miles on it and never replaced anything" fall into a few categories:

- They don't own a car, they are 12 years old and talk about their parents cars.

- They are fans of a brand and by loyalty they deny any problems.

- They just bought the car with 100000 miles on it and the previous owner said he never ever repaired a thing to make the sale more attractive.

31st Dec 2017, 14:21

I agree. My Mercedes has cost me a fortune even though it has been regularly serviced. Ones that have done galactic mileages are always someone else's. The big ends went on mine at 130,000, the gearbox rebuilt at 100,000 miles, head gaskets, water pumps, rads, A/C etc; I could go on and on. Why then..?

Because it's a great drive with that three-pointed star at the end of the bonnet.

1st Jan 2018, 06:43

Very often, it may not even have a 3-pointed star, but when the FEEL of the car is correct - the steering, handling, maybe the suspension compliance, perhaps the seat support over long distances - people will still buy that make of car. That's still what makes it very different from more common brands. These days, prestige in its true form must be considered in its entirety: Mercedes used to be the best-engineered mass-produced car, with the durability to match, hence the price. They aren't what they used to be on the whole, but if there are still qualities that remain enough to bring back the previous buyers, they will come back.

1st Jan 2018, 15:12

I had two of them. If you are really having an issue with repair prices, consider another brand. Maybe a new Accord. I had some bills that elicited surprise, but paid it. Some get a bargain basement purchase price on old luxury models. Then the reality hits when they see the true cost of ownership. I haven’t owned any late model BMW, but know some that do. And they have had repair costs not considered normal for most newer cars. I liked the solid feel of the Mercedes. But not enough to get me to return since.

2nd Jan 2018, 13:05

It is the feel of a car that does it. My old Merc does everything I want it to do when I want to do it, point and go etc.

2nd Jan 2018, 16:15

You mean Mercedes or a Benz right? Never heard a Mercedes owner call one a Merc. Mercury yes.

3rd Jan 2018, 08:24

Of course it's Mercedes - or Benz. Or Merc. Depends on which country how it is often or colloquially called. Mercury? They don't exist (or in any sufficient number to be of significance) elsewhere outside North America. Nobody knows what they are.