24th Dec 2013, 19:53

I agree, it's sad to see most people driving around in cars they don't really own or are leasing in order to afford them. BTW I never have to do a timing belt on my BMW, which is considered regular maintenance on say a Camry every 100k miles at a cost of 600 to 800 USD. Really depends on what you want out of a car. I do like the idea of having a vehicle that is "below the radar", though. How about a Subaru Legacy GT?!

25th Dec 2013, 05:21

Imagine the interest, or even worse, risking losing a home to just buy a car. I realize many on here can afford it, and even are those that don't care about showing off. To me, I care more about a car holding up, and not spending a lot and getting far less than I expected on quality and repairs. I simply do not have the time getting cars fixed. Nice days arrive, and it's either in the shop or in the garage incapacitated. That doesn't impress me or the ones that don't see me driving around in it, if that's my purpose to start with.

26th Dec 2013, 12:12

How about a new world class Cadillac sedan with a Corvette motor and manual trans? I have had zero issues with new Corvettes. The drivetrains are exceptional and don't break. The sedan would be a great family vehicle compromise for room. Great handling as well. I think BMW is too bland in styling and high cost.

27th Dec 2013, 22:46

High cost depends on where you are. A Corvette outside North America is not cheap at all. To buy, insure, pay road user charges (based on CO2 emissions), or repair.

28th Dec 2013, 21:01

This gen Corvette is. I have seen them as low as 2500. I maintain it's well worth the wait to buy a 98 up in the teens C5 era. I learned this after owning Corvettes since 1986.

9th Mar 2014, 20:27

Thank you. Very well said.