20th Jan 2014, 16:53

Hi Mate, I live in Rotorua, but all maintenance is done in Auckland. Would I be able to get details off you for the mechanic? I currently have a 2006 3 Series - back to square one, but being simple, this has been good so far :)

21st Jan 2014, 12:59

No worries - my mechanic's Burger's Motor Works (um B-M-W) 09 444 3965, 95 Wairau Road, Takapuna (it's on the same building right behind Pit Stop when coming from Wairau). Burger usually has lunch from 12-1, so call him to book. Have you posted any reviews on your 2006? I might consider one as my next car - eying rare Japanese manual ones.

27th Jan 2014, 18:52

Thanks heaps. Yes I am about to write up one for 2006. Bought a Lexus V8 LS400 this weekend, and I have been enjoying it so much that I might be taking a break from my BMW. The only thing hurts me is the fuel economy on the Lexus, but my 3 Series is brilliant on gas, especially when you're doing long trips :). Once again - thanks loads for sharing the contact info. I would love to try him out.

27th Jan 2014, 20:04

Also just to let you know - I have just submitted a review for the 2006 320i E90 sedan. Please let me know what you think :). Any questions - happy to answer.

28th Jan 2014, 19:01

Read your other review, have posted a reply. May show up online tomorrow :)

10th May 2014, 00:05

You are exactly right. The Singapore imports that came into New Zealand gave no end of trouble because of the change of climate from Singapore to New Zealand. About two cars came into the country from Singapore last year I think. Dealers rarely stock them as they have developed such a bad reputation. Just stick with Japanese imports and New Zealand new BMWs, and they will treat you very well indeed.

11th Aug 2014, 10:30

Excellent review. Very true, and I share the same thoughts. These cars are very high tech, and a Singapore import will make you fix each and every thing. Singapore imports should be banned.

12th Aug 2014, 19:55

Singapore imports can work in NZ, but only if they were brought in very young - say 4 years old or younger, when the humidity and heat haven't done much damage yet.

14th Aug 2014, 09:30

You are totally right. The longer it's exposed to that environment, the more damage is done. Most imports come to NZ at 6 years old or older, which is a worry.