9th Sep 2006, 04:55

Failed glow-plugs is common, you only need one or two to go and it doesn't start properly. For the keen, it's quite an easy diy job, but you need to remove the inlet manifold to gain access, which is dead easy - but don't forget to buy the gaskets!

20th Sep 2006, 04:19


Just wondered, My 525 TDS SE has just has the alternator changed, since this has been done I am having trouble starting it, seems like after the car has sat for a couple of days there is no diesel there. I heat the plugs, turn the key and it fires almost immediately, but then just dies. You then have to re-heat the plugs and turn the engine over for a VERY long time before it begins to fire, could this be air getting into the diesel system causing it to drain away back into the tank OR could it be the plugs? Then again am I barking up the wrong tree totally?

Prior to alternator work (and person who fitted it said he did have to disturb the diesel filter) it used to start on the button every time.

Any ideas appreciated!!



19th Oct 2007, 09:21

I have a 1997 525tds, the diesel pump is dripping diesel at the bottom of the pump, the side closest to the fuel lines there is a hole with I think is a thread... should there be a plug there???

18th Dec 2007, 09:14

Hi there I have a 96 BMW 525tds and today I unlocked the boot manually and now I can't start the car at all. Everytime I open it the alarm goes off and the ignition is dead (lights come on, but turn her and she won't do anything)

Can someone please tell me if I can stop this with just the key (the fob no longer works)

14th Apr 2008, 16:11

To all with problems with BMW diesel not starting when left overnight, it is air entering the system.

Easy fix, go to your nearest diesel specialist and buy a diesel non-return valve (6mm OD ends) and fit this in the pipe between the diesel filter and the injection pump.

You might find it easier with a new pipe from BMW as this is what I did.

BMW pipe £17, Valve £7, did this 7 months ago and car can sit for 2 months and still starts a treat, hope this helps.

29th Jan 2010, 13:57

I have a 1994 TDS that I bought two years ago, it was running OK until I took it for a service. I asked for just the oil and filter to be changed, they also changed the air and fuel filters. Twice since then (over the last four weeks) it started, then stopped. It seems to be air in the fuel line, could this occur by incorrectly fitting the filter? Where is the filter, and where's the pump? The garage don't want to know, so I'll sort it myself.

16th Sep 2011, 16:28

You may need to change the fuel-pump (located in the tank). She may work and then stop, and work and stop... mine had that problem!

16th Sep 2011, 16:32

Hi, I had the same problem, and thought it was leaking from the electric cut-off valve... but then I found that the leaking was from the o-rings that seats between the halves of the injection pump!

Jorge Gabriel.