23rd Feb 2005, 05:37

To the commenter of 4th Feb, if you want to nit-pick then I'm happy to play along:

BMW claim a 0-62 mph time of 6.50 seconds. This means it accelerates from rest to 62 mph at an average of 9.54 mph per second. To get the 0-60 time we divide 60 by 9.54 which comes out at 6.29 seconds, assuming of course constant acceleration all the way through. In practice, aerodynamic drag means the car's acceleration will reduce as speeds climb which may increase the gap between the 0-60 and 0-62 times slightly (as we know the stated 0-62 time, this means it reduces the 0-60 time), but it shouldn't be enough to significantly reduce the outcome. Anyway, there's just over two tenths of your difference in hard figures. Still adrift, but not the half second discrepancy you claim.

The other factor, as the subsequent commenter correctly points out, is that ALL manufacturers understate the performance of their cars. The reason is simple - nobody sues for a car being quicker than claimed, whereas people would if it were not as quick as claimed.

Peter Tomalin of EVO concurred when he tested the car in issue 077 and said (and I quote) : "BMW claims a 0-62 time of 6.5 sec. And it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's a conservative claim. The 535d is disturbingly, disarmingly and certainly deceptively fast." And this is from the editor of a magazine which makes no qualms about its dislike of diesel engines.

Drive one and see for yourself! If this car doesn't crack 60 mph in under 6 seconds, I would be astonished! As would a lot of the "experts".

7th Mar 2005, 07:25

I have had my 535d SE saloon for a few days now, so I've only done about 250 miles (mixed commuting motorway and suburban roads) but the average mpg shown on the trip computer is less than 25. I hope this improves to the 30 plus most reviewers have indicated as the engine loosens up.

14th Mar 2005, 05:59

Trip computer MPG figures are no more than a rough approximation, even on BMWs. Comparing actual measured MPG over 60,000 miles on my 2002 320D, the trip computer used to indicate between 10% and 20% optimistic. On my 2001 525d auto, it indicates about 5% pessimistic. So try your 525D tank brim to tank brim (and don't forget to calibrate the odometer!) It should improve with age though, these engines are built very tight. It will be much better at 25,000 miles and will probably not peak out until 50,000 miles+

18th Apr 2005, 16:02

I have just completed 700 miles in my new 535d sport and believe it to be the best car in the real world. The performance is just fabulous. Although BMW claim a conservative 0 - 62mph in 6.5secs Auto Express Magazine has timed the car to 60mph from rest in 5.8secs. The fact that it will do 45mpg at a constant 56mph is just secondary. You don't buy a 535d for economy!

9th Jun 2005, 18:14

That's incredible! All that massive torque and you still get great fuel economy. I wish we Americans had more turbo diesels, but VW is being nice about it.

1st Jul 2005, 09:02

To the child who wrote the comment above:

Firstly have you driven an E36 M3 and a 535d back to back? If the answer is no, which I suspect it is, stop posting such drivel on this website.

If you rev the knackers off the M3 in an out and out drag race to a ton, it is probably quicker, but the 535 will achieve 98% of the same effort with a simple flex of the right ankle. When you are just "rolling it on" from say 70 mph, the M3 won't see the 535 for its Euro 4 compliant exhaust haze. In the real world, it is a significantly quicker car.

Perhaps it's you that needs to learn to drive, and understand that you cannot measure real road performance with 0-60 times and traffic light drag race results. I've held an international A race license for six years, so I do have a vague idea of what I'm doing behind the wheel.

Do you?

24th Oct 2005, 14:48

Like most of you lot, I agree that the 535d is the greatest real world car, bar none. Unfortunately also like a lot of you I ain't getting one just yet. However, I ran a 330d for the last 5 years and absolutely adored it. That's gone back and I am considering a change to a 520d - why? cos it's a bigger 'nicer' car and all that. Whilst it isn't going to have quite as much grunt as the 330d (and boy did that have grunt), I have high hopes of the 5, as it is only some 12-15% less torque than the 330d. I am keen to hear what others think of the 520d. Mind you, anything will be better than my 2.0d 'pool' Vectra.

30th Oct 2005, 03:41

Hello all.

My intention is to purchase a 2001 - 2002 built, 520 diesel. Could you please help me with an idea / info of how reliable is this car? Or else how reliable is a 525 diesel about same age?

Thank you very much.

29th Nov 2005, 14:02

I have just ordered a 535d sport, does any one know about the "DAS" kit to chip it up in the BHP, oh, and does any one know hoe to take the limiter off? Or even speculate on what speed the car will do when delimited?


13th Jan 2006, 08:29

I think the previous comments were relating to the DMS chip, which turns the 535d into a 335bhp flying machine, and by all accounts would make the car capable of 170+ if de-restricted. The web forum site www.bmwland.co.uk has a lot of good information relation to tuning options.

30th Mar 2006, 04:19

I have a 535d sport and the power is awesome. the traction control lights flash when you make a full bore start. Take it off and if you are a novice you WILL spin it. Maybe 335bhp?? but I got rid of an m3 to get this and even though it has only 272bhp it IS a better car that does feel more powerful. I am in two minds... yes I want more power, or do I really need it?

18th Jul 2006, 05:43

Does anyone know how to obtain the postcode on the latest sat-nav on an E60 535d m sport, July 2006.

The hand book says select city/town to enter the postcode, but all that is available is city. This is the professional system.

19th Jul 2006, 04:09

Postal codes cannot be entered as BMW have recognised that there is a problem with the software on the DVD, release 02 2006. I am told that there will be a updated DVD produced that will be given to affected owners on request.

2nd Aug 2006, 15:44

I have just taken delivery of my 535d sport, 2004/54, and I am very impressed so far!

I would be interested if anyone had any more information about the postcode entering on the professional satnav system.

Also, how easy/difficult is it to have the "only when stationary" restriction removed from the TV? Not for my benefit you understand, as I am far too busy enjoying the driving experience, but my wife is a soap addict (I know, I know!!) and would like to be able to watch TV on the move. Any comments gratefully received. Thanks.