31st Aug 2006, 08:50

BMW perform the 0-62 test at half-payload, so the statement regarding the 535d having a sub 6 second 0-62 time is perfectly believable and remember, that's before you take to have it remapped! :o) Nice car btw, wish I could afford one!

16th Sep 2006, 15:19

God I love this car.

M6 toll road... come out of the toll both and then let your right foot hit the floor. Look back in your mirror and the endless lines of vectras and mondeos trying to keep up... almost becoming dots in your rear view mirror. Damn that's fun1!

22nd Jun 2007, 16:27

I purchased my 535D at Christmas as a little present for me, what can I say "WOW", when I get in the it feels great, as good as the first time. My friend has just purchased one and had it chipped by Super-Chips, a lot less than the DMS upgrade. God it scares me to death, the only way to describe the power in these cars is relentless.

I haven't had the courage to chip mine yet, but I'm seriously thinking about it.

As for the software BMW have just released a new version, My car is a very late 54 plate. BMW just upgraded it to the latest software to resolve a few issues I had, it is now the same setup as if you bought the car new today. They have moved a few things around, but it is good. It also sorts the Postcode out.

The software also upgrades the gearing as it to is controlled by the software, much smoother under normal drive conditions, also seems more responsive when pushing hard. CAUTION thoe, if you have had the car chipped, you will have to have it remapped. DMS and Super-Chip do do this for free so long as you have the original details, they will even come to your house.

Another thing the software fixes is the little yellow/orange front side lights, my friends car had the problem where they didn't come on. He has had his software updated and now that's sorted to.

Final thought, can anyone think what they would buy when they think of changing this fantastic piece of kit!!!

Just what I thought, you can't!!!

17th Sep 2007, 11:21

Hi, I recently bought an '05 535D M Sport - what a car; it really is awesome. Does having it "chipped" invalidate the warranty in any way?

BTY, I'm only getting 16 MPG in town, so I'm taking it back to the dealer to check it out.

25th Nov 2007, 16:31


If you get the 335d, 535d and 635d remapped by an OBD remap method, the BMW dealers can see the finger print of the remapping tool. Some dealers will return the software back to factory state during a service.

If a 335d/535d/635d is remapped via BDM remapping method, which in effect is the same way as Bosch load the ECUs with their bench tools, this BDM method will leave NO finger prints or traces of the remap session.

A well remapped 35D engine will return an extra 60BHP and 140Nm of torque, and will still be well within safe working limits. Plus another fact, which is backed up by feedback from over 25 happy customers, is that the remap can return over 8MPG more; not bad for a £425 investment.

If you have a good relationship with your BMW dealership, I would suggest you tell them that you have had your car remapped; 9 times out of 10 it doesn't bother them. I have remapped cars for BMW dealers who will use a remapped car as a demonstrator.


17th Dec 2007, 16:35

After reading this, I went for the remap on my 535d. The best £425 I have ever spent.

24th Sep 2008, 19:33

I have been looking at Jag XJR, Merc CDI 320 and Lexus 460 LS as a possible purchase as my "dotage" mobile. Do you reckon the 535D has these beaten? What sort of performance increase does remapping give it (from the comments here, it's already quick).

Finally, any recommendations for remapping company/garage in the Oxford area, cos I'm interested!!

20th Aug 2009, 11:22

Hi looking for a 535d Sport M.

Do these come set up as M ie suspension etc and can you change from run flat tyres to ordinary ones?

Really looking forward to new toy. Oh yes the wife's sharing it as well. I told her she can only use the small turbo, the big one's mine.

9th Aug 2011, 10:14

Can you tell the difference between 6,0 and 6,5 seconds?

This is ridiculous.