1984 BMW 6 Series 633CSi 3.2L I6 from North America


A true gentleman's GT sports coupe


Door latch buffers need replacing (almost not even worth mentioning).

Oil spray bar banjo bolt was loose.

Power antenna needs help to go up and down.

Drivers seat stitching coming apart (about 1.5" so far).

The exhaust is rusted.

The timing chain cover gasket is leaking a little bit (not enough to cause dripping yet).

Some of the paint / clearcoat on the driver's side is speckling / cracking. Hard to describe exactly what is going on with text, but basically if you look at it and pay attention, 4 feet or closer, you will notice a network of cracks in the clear coat. This is not noticeable from a distance, or if your angle of viewing is close to parallel with the surface; for example looking in the rear view mirror, you don't notice anything.

Unknown problems fixed by the previous owner.

General Comments:

I've only owned this car for a couple weeks, and I'll try and add updates to this if major things happen or change.

For the money it costs to buy one of these in decent condition, you can get a late 90s or early 00 model domestic car. And frankly if you can't deal with the feel of an old car, or give up some features of newer cars (such as super quiet engines, smooth idling, and minimal wind noise), then just get a newer domestic car and be happy.

If on the other hand, you can put up with a few shortcomings, and want a car with character that will make you smile every time you think about it, then get a 6 Series.

The engine does idle a bit rough (normal for M30 engines) and you can hear it chugging away at highway speeds. Also, unless you luck out and get a car with all perfect seals, there will be a little wind noise somewhere at highway speed. Mine has some wind noise coming from the sliding roof, but overall it is in pretty good condition for the mileage. When I was shopping around, I found a few other ones in the 200K mile range, and they were still nice as well. I understand the engine, if properly cared for (hard to tell on a used car), can last 300k+ miles.

The 6 series is a luxury car (80s luxury), but first a driver's car. The engine has more than enough torque and power to rocket you onto the freeway and merge between traffic. I've seen 0-60 times of 7-7.7s listed for this car, and cannot confirm that, but it's definitely fast enough for everyday driving. On the flip side of that power, the brakes are powerful, and even though I do not have ABS, the traction of the tires is enough to stop quickly and safely, even in slick conditions.

This car is most at home on the highway, although don't underestimate it because I say that. It can handle turns quickly, and let's you know when it's approaching the limit. I've swung out the rear end once on a wet road, and felt no need for panic, as it recovered itself quickly as soon as I let off the throttle.

The interior of this car is great too. I have standard leather seats, which are relatively comfy and can be adjusted 5 ways. The HVAC controls allow ample control over the airflow in the car. The visibility from the driver's seat is better than any car I've ever driven. All the windows are big, and looking behind, there are no large B or C pillars blocking the view.

I put the running costs at 5/10 for two reasons. First, I don't know how much it really costs, since I haven't owned it long enough to tell. Second, if you really want to enjoy the car, you will pay for gasoline. I tend to drive spirited, and typically shift around 2500-3000 RPM. Yes, 2500 RPM is spirited in this car. However my fuel economy has been about 15-17 MPG for city driving. Not too bad considering the return you get in sheer driving pleasure in my honest opinion. However, if you will have a hard time spending $40 a week on gas (@ $3.50/gal), then don't get this.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2012

1984 BMW 6 Series 633csi 3.2L gasoline from North America


It's fast and a steal right now. Buy one before they become collector cars


Gages don't work (I hear this is common).

Seats need re-stitching, but the leather is still in good condition.

The power seat controls are on the fritz.

The throw out bearing is noisy.

The paint is gone, but I'm not complaining cuz I bought it that way.

General Comments:

Just bought this car from a guy moving to Maui for $2,100. It has the intake manifold off an M6, and a slightly hotter cam according to the dude I bought it from.

The car is pretty damn fast, even against today's cars. I hear they are reliable, and I will update this if/when something else goes wrong.

But these cars are definitely badass, and chicks dig them, even if the throw out bearing is making all kinds of noise.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2009

22nd Jun 2009, 22:43

Here is an update: After pressure washing 25 years of oil off the engine transmission rear end and pretty much the whole car, I discovered a power steering leak (easy fix I'm sure) and something is either leaking in the exhaust or oil is stuck in the heat shield, because it is stinking and smoking a little bit. But it still runs fine, pulls hard and is fun.

1984 BMW 6 Series 628 CSi 2.8i petrol from Serbia


Young-timer classic


I've got this car by chance.

It is equipped with AC Shnitzer 17" alloys, lowered suspension and looks very attractive. The car is in very good condition, engine still sounds great.

Usual electric gremlins for such old car are expected, not much, but can be annoying.

General Comments:

It spins at 4000 RPM while driving 200 km/h! Sounds like cruising speed?

Fast, refined and joyful.

One of most beautiful cars in last 20 years. One of the most charismatic BMWs ever.

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Review Date: 28th January, 2001

29th Feb 2008, 03:28

I do not understand why you are disappointed yet you expect some gremlins from an old car. You love the looks etc, which is why you keep it. (A damn good reason if you ask me) Clearly you don't keep it for reliability so why would criticise it for that, you should have a happy smiley face. If you want reliability and basic car looks buy a Corolla.