2nd Nov 2009, 11:30

Adding to the list... I replaced all the coolant hoses, fuel pump, rear main seal, clutch, guibo, input and output shaft seals, clutch slave cylinder, and rear end. Gauges are a pain in the ass to find for this car (in California). Also, lower radiator hoses made by Goodyear may need to be zip tied to the A/C solid line so it does not rub on the fan belt (it did on mine).

11th Mar 2010, 22:18

Replaced all the gaskets on the top end, polished the combustion chambers, new water pump, new chain guide. Runs great now, and no more oil leaking out of the head gasket. Going to sell it to get a wagon.

5th Dec 2010, 00:49

1984 633CSi, one of the last produced. I found it at a Los Angeles impound yard; 4 flats and paint faded out, no current plates, black interior pristine, 107k on speedo, all exterior parts in place, no dents. Battery dead and has not been started in 5 years.

Brought AAA for start attempt with 5 gal 91 Techron, check oil and coolant level, crank engine, and on the tenth try, it STARTS!

I question the odometer, but power seats, roof, all windows, mirrors, radio, fan, headlights work.

Cost me 1.5k to purchase and $650.00 for plates (past DMV FINES) Carfax data proves 107k miles and owners manuals, and service record confirm that this BMW was purchased by Mrs. Ruth of Upstate New York, and she owned vehicle until her passing of 2004.

The condition of the 6, including the interior, proves she loved her 6 and no riders.

The vehicle wound up in LA after her death with NY plates. Impounded for parking tickets etc. I never thought I would have the good fortune to own the car that I first fell in love with looking at the 1980 633 on the new car lots.

I had to replace the idle control valve, tires and front brakes, wiper blades, battery, and rebuild the driveshafts from broken trans mounts. Total investment 4.5k.

No need to hold the steering wheel on the freeway at 70 mph to over 100 mph, as this 6 never as much as hit a curb. The 733 and 528 guys love it.

19th Nov 2012, 00:50

Nice, I'm just about to buy my first e24 (1984 633CSI) and already own a 1983 533i (e28.) Both cars are basically the same, except for the 533 being a little smaller. They are quick, given the age, lots of people think I'm slow, well bad news for them. :) And if you replace the rims with newer BMW rims (I think I've got some e34's rims on mine) then traction just gets amazing, and it's a decent drifter on the old highways.

Overall, I love my e28, and am looking forward to the 633!

3rd Sep 2023, 23:05

I owned a 1984 633csi which I purchased with 10k documented miles in 1987 for $22K in Fairfax, VA. It was Burgundy with a Pearl interior. Gorgeous. I had the vehicle completely inspected by BMW of Fairfax. At 18K miles, the auto transmission blew. No surprise to my Baltimore BMW dealer. Under warranty, two weeks rental car $ out of pocket. Brake shoes every 12K miles. Tuneups always over $1000 as something else was always discovered. At 58K miles I had the 60K service done where the dealer proudly stated that I had replaced practically everything on it. I said great cause I’m going to the Jeep dealer today. Overhyped, overrated, and grossly overpriced in my opinion. Nichts Deutsch. If you buy a BMW, be sure to purchase the complete maintenance plan. Shame the vehicle isn’t as good as the advertisements.