2005 BMW 6 Series 645ci 4.4 V8 from UK and Ireland


Easy to live with, impressive, but those tyres..


I've had this car for almost 6 months, and I only have two problems to report. The first being that the electric window sensor broke, meaning I couldn't close an open window - annoying, but quickly resolved under warranty by the main dealer.

The second and more annoying problem is due to the run flat tyres. These tyres are very very sensitive and prone to punctures. The punctures can't be repaired, and each tyre costs £270 to replace. In 15 years of motoring, I had never got a puncture; in 6 months with these tyres, I've had 3!!I would avoid run flats at all costs if you can.

General Comments:

The car is very easy to drive and live with everyday. Yes it gets through fuel, and yes it is rather expensive to run, but it makes you feel rather special, and there's always plenty of grunt when required. I still get comments of how nice and impressive the car is, and if it wasn't for the tyres (mentioned above) it's pretty much perfect.

The I drive, which people tend to moan about, is actually simple and even intuitive to use after a few weeks.

The other moan people tend to make on this car is that the rear seats are only for children - that moan however, is probably fair. Adults can be squashed in the back, but realistically only for short journeys.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2007

29th Feb 2008, 05:47

That's why they are called run flats. They go flat and you run to the bank :)