12th Jan 2014, 22:27

I believe this review is a legit one.

It's just that a Cadillac and a BMW are two different cars.

The Cadillac is based on ultimate comfort, and that includes perfect sound isolation. Not so with the European cars, no matter the price, unless we are talking about a Bentley.

On the other hand, European luxury vehicles are all about the handling and driving pleasure.

So it's two mentalities, and it's better to choose what we prefer. That doesn't diminish the qualities of each of these vehicles.

10th May 2014, 08:09

What a review.

The window noise is very odd, I had something similar in a Mustang someone tried to pry open with a crowbar; over 65 mph it made a terrible buffeting noise. However my 750li doesn't make any such noise.

My 750li came with summer touring tires. For snow I'm picking up some studded winter tires. Tires make all the difference in winter. Also if you are stuck in the snow, you need to turn the DTC on. It is selected in the iDrive, DTC is an electronic version of a limited slip differential. The 750 has DSC which is not compatible with a limited slip diff. Its DSC is turned off when DTC is turned on. It is all in the manual, which if you didn't get can be downloaded in PDF form from the BMW USA website. Not turning DTC on means you have an open differential. A good way to get stuck in snow or on ice. I live in Canada where it gets very cold, icy and snowy. Unlike tropical Michigan.

FWD and RWD drive very different, especially when it is slippery; one wonders if this is also part of the problem.

22nd Apr 2015, 23:46

Guys, the original owner is from Michigan where people don't wear winter tires. Look up on YouTube about Michigan pile-ups.