14th Oct 2010, 16:28

An earlier comment stated this V12 is a detuned McLaren F1 engine - NO! McLaren commissioned BMW to create a bespoke V12 which has no common parts with the 7 Series.

24th Oct 2010, 17:19

The 750il is a great car. My dad has it with only 85 kilometers on it, and has upgraded low profile rims. He drives it once a month; usually he drives his Mercedes C-350, but he has promised to give the car to me when I get my licence, which is not that far, but till then it is my job to wash the car, even though it sits in the garage all the time mostly. I have to wax it every month, shine the tires and even clean the interior.

So far the car has not had any problems, rides like a beauty, and the engine is just ferocious it is a beauty. Even though my dad had the Mercedes Benz c-350 4 matic 2010, I would still have the BMW over it any day.


7th Nov 2010, 09:15

Hi, I love this site, and the comments... I bought my brother's 1990 750 BMW, and had some trouble, but fixed everything myself... This car brings a smile to my face every time I drive it... Yes, it's one of the best made...

12th Nov 2010, 17:06

The 750il e32 is a masterpiece. As long you take care of it, it should last a very long time. And what's best it runs on regular (87 AKI) gas without problems.

18th Mar 2011, 17:19

I would like to point out that the 740 is a lot more ugly than the beautiful 750il. I am 20 and have had my 1990 for a few years now, and I absolutely love it. Safe, reliable, fun, and not as ugly. If I wanted something as ugly as the 740, I would go with something like a Prius or smart car, or that stupid new Ford Fiesta, or something of that matter. Don't tell anyone to get rid of their 750, because it IS that much better!!

18th Mar 2011, 17:22

I will say to you the same thing as I said to the person you agrees with about throwing the 750 away. And as you said, the 750 is a piece of art. The 740 is not. It is ugly. I am 20, and have had my 1990 750il for a few years now, and it is safe, reliable, fun, and nothing could ever replace it. Never tell anyone to get rid of theirs and replace it with the 740.

18th Mar 2011, 17:42

I'm 20, and I have had my 1990 750il for a few years now. It had some major issues, which was okay, only because the JACKA** didn't drive it at all, and treated it like crap. It is now in some of the best hands as can be. Our family loves cars, and my brother and sister both have little 3 Series, though they are newer. These cars are some of the most safe and reliable as can be.

Plus these cars are great showpieces. They turn heads, you feel great at the compliments, it is a beautiful vehicle, and for its age, it was one of the biggest technologically inclined cars. It does still have the car phone in it, which rocks, and can be fun to play tricks like in drive through's and what not.

Premium gas is not that big a problem, because our local car wash/gas station gives a 25 cent gas discount up to 14 gallons with the purchase of any wash. You pay $8 for a wash since your car needs it and you save on gas. So instead of about $3.949, it is about $3.6 (something) 9, which is much better.

To anyone who says the 740 should replace someones 750, think of this, THE 740 IS UGLY! It just is. I would compare it to the Prius, Ford Fiesta, and another ugly comparable car.

BMW lovers unite and keep on enjoying your beautiful "Ultimate Driving Machine!"

15th Nov 2011, 23:01

I have a 90 BMW 525i. Best car I ever owned. My parents bought it new, and I still drive it every day. This car just hit 100 thousand miles. Runs like a beast. I have driven this car for 5 years, and I would not drive anything else but a BMW.