10th Apr 2007, 17:24

I own a 1983 733i. It has in excess of 200,00o miles. No oil leaks or leaks of any kind. Drove from Florida to Ct and back. Several times from Florida to Atlanta, Ga, In last year.

I am amazed at the engineering of this machine.120 mph you do pass just about anything on the highway. Did it once for 3 minutes just to check the handling. Make sure that you have special tyres on the car before trying that and only do it once on a clear strech without traffic.

25th Apr 2007, 16:43

I love my 1984 733i; I got it for 850.00 delivered (some 300 miles). The automatic is shot, a previous poster states don’t rev in neutral...he’s right. I found a 1990 535 automatic and am having trouble finding out if it my 84 E-23, the 83 and 84s’ use the same m-30 six (some varying in displacement).

Does anyone know if the 535 transmission will fit?

Thanks for your time guys N gals...

1st May 2007, 06:48

I don`t know if it will fit (try asking on some BMW forums, they`ll know), but why not swap both the engine and transmission from 535?

24th May 2007, 22:06

A car engine can leak oil due to a bad head gasket. The oil from the valve train must return to the block through the head gasket. I had a 1979 MGB which leaked oil because of a bad head gasket. (You could clearly see the oil leaking out BELOW THE HEAD GASKET!)

5th Jun 2007, 15:55

I am reasonable sure the 535 engine and my 84 because are both M-30 motors, my hesitation is due to the differences in computers and sensors mostly. (wish I could high jack this thread and go on further).

The 4hp22 EH and non-EH transmission (built by Getrag of Germany) have a major flaw, when revved in neutral the clutch packs over pressurize and blow up. So what ever you do, resist revving the motor when you receive a challenge at a stop light... LOL. Post 1987 (I believe that the year) 4hp22s have a bypass hole to aid this shortcoming (although not a fix).

The books I have claim the Euro 733i will do 134 mph; my suggestion is putting on some 15 inch or better wheels first. The stock 14s leave a lot to be desired, they make after market 16 inch (and bigger) M-3 wheels now. Then changing the ATF frequently is some that may prolong this transmissions life (especially at that speed).

Some Beemer owners claim there were NO 5 speed manuals made for the 7 series (E-23) BMWs. They are wrong; however, they are few and far in-between.

18th Sep 2007, 21:06

I just bought a 1983 733i it's a great car it rides smooth. I am having a problem with the fuel system I believe. It cuts out when I start it, and after a couple tries to start it will start and run fine. Also its idling high lately. so if anyone has any comments for me it would be great I am a pretty good mechanic, but this car has me a little puzzled. thank you rick from st louis.

22nd Oct 2007, 20:03

I have a 1984 BMW 733i with a bad automatic transmission. A friend has a 1982 he is parting out. could I swap out transmissions between the two years?

17th Nov 2007, 18:32

Just gave up my 1984 733i. Couldn't find any buyers for a car which still starts first time out so I gave up and donated it.

My heart still aches.

14th Dec 2007, 20:47

My 1982 733i still runs beautifully with no more oil leaks after using oil stop leak. It always starts right up, although gas mileage is only fair at 18mpg overall moderately driven.

I really love this car, but really don't like the high gas prices in so cal!

29th Jan 2008, 22:03

I have an 84 733. I bought it in 1988, so we are celebrating our 20 anniversary together. I asked my BMW mechanic if I should sell a few years back as I was making repairs that were adding up; and he said no. Sure enough, I made the repairs and she runs like new. She needs a new paint job; that's about all. I think we will be together for at least 5 more years. Keep on loving the BMW.

22nd Feb 2008, 21:17

Check out the heat and a/c and defrost, odds are none of them work, it's a nightmare just to get to them, let alone fix them! So you'll probably have to make do without heat or a/c!

If the car is perfect otherwise, it's worth a maximum of $1500, if it needs paint the maximum value is closer to $1000.

Don't let your sympathies for the the previous owner sway your decision.

If the price is right, it's a car you can easily fall in love with.

2nd Mar 2008, 15:22

My experience of owning truly one of the best cars ever made; strong, reliable and a feeling of security because it is so well built.

They should refurbish these cars, 6 cylinder, gets good gas mileage. I bought mine with 73,000 miles on it in 1988 for $10,000.00, and it has given every bit back. It now has 216,000 miles and is still rockin.

I have done some repairs over the years. Not every thing works regarding interior lights and needing new umit for AC controls, etc.

I keep looking at the new cars; while flashy, the 1983 BMW 733I was built to last and is worthwhile keeping for some of the many reasons too numerous to expound upon.

Driven cross country 5 times, great seating for sleep.

9th Jul 2008, 18:08

Recently acquired '82 733i 5speed runs like a champ and has plenty of power, but I am in need of a complete exhaust system. Exhaust went bad and I eventually just took it off! Sounds like I have headers and every time I'm at a stop light people try to race me. Most of 'em get a nice view of the back of my muffler-less Beemer.

Any recommendations on an exhaust systems for the beast???

2nd Feb 2009, 15:07


Just wondering if y'all could give me your thoughts on a 1983 bmw 740i. I am thinking of purchasing it at $1500 plus tax. The interior and exterior appear to be in great condition for their age. No excessive wear, just what you would expect for a 25yr old car. The paint could probably use a clear coat in the near future. It has 170K miles on it. The dealer that has it says it needs a transmission sensor. It runs, but is sluggish until it gets to 4th gear speeds. Is something like this just a routine thing, or a precursor to total transmission failure? Any thoughts you have are appreciated. Thanks! SuziQ.

27th Feb 2009, 13:26

For your exhaust... Autohaus.com or something like that.. they have great pricing and good stuff for our BMW world.

I have a 733i and needed a muffler... normally a 939.00 part.. 240.00 shipped to me, and made it there in 2 days.

5th Sep 2009, 08:27

Picking up a 1979 733i with a four speed manual. Car has 92,000 miles and in great shape. It has been sitting in a barn for the past 6 years. Few problems I noticed when checking car out. It starts up but sounds like there is an exhaust leak coming from the passenger side of the engine. There is a good sized hole behind the rear passenger wheel in the trunk. and the brakes went to the floor, but I think that might be because there is no fluid in the reservoir. I'm getting this beauty for $600 dollars.

Just a few questions. Is there supposed to be a reading lamp screwed behind the back seats headrest? Also I have a mini black antenna on the trunk lid, looks like an ancient cell phone antenna. And there is driving light on the front bumper, sorta like rally lights. Any comments?


10th Apr 2012, 22:18

I have a BMW 733i, 1983, standard, 5 speed; Euro specs, and originally came from Germany; runs very strong, and no oil leaks at all.

I inspected it recently, and I noticed that it was low on transmission fluid only. I am going to replace it, but I noticed that the engine has a little vibration that increases as I increase the speed or acceleration, and it slows down the vibration as I release or depress the accelerator pedal.

Also noticed that the car doesn't accelerate as it used to do before from 3rd to 4rd gear, but it takes a while to reach its speed... is this because I had low transmission fluid? Or does it have some other major problem with the engine?

Any advice, please write me to my email: enriquedextre34@hotmail.com; I'll appreciate the advice. Lots of memories with this great machine during my military assignment in Germany; currently I am retired now, thanks!!

4th Mar 2013, 23:43

I have a 1983 733i also. It sounds like you've had a couple of these cars, and may have a solution to my problem. I rebuilt the motor, replaced the manual tranny, but can't get it started. No signal or power to my coil, and hence no spark at the plugs. Replaced tranny sensors. Could it be the computer or brain at the passenger door panel? How would I troubleshoot or check that unit?

Thank you, Kevin.

26th Dec 2014, 08:15

Why did you have to rebuild the engine? My daughter has a 1983 733i too. Just recently the engine makes a loud noise when running. The non-BMW mechanics thinks it's a ring issue in cylinder 1. Any ideas?

Mike H.