1994 BMW 8 Series 840ci 4.0 V8 M60 from North America


Sheetmetal love at first sight


Having owned a 12 cylinder 1991 BMW 850i a few years ago, and regretting that I sold it, I began a search for an 8 cylinder 840ci. The car I loved, but repairs to the V12 - not so much. Spotted a beauty in Florida at a private used car dealership and drove it home directly to NJ through a hurricane that followed me the entire route along I95.

Common issues with this model are the water pump (replaced) headlight adjusters (under a 15 year warranty from BMW) the electric seat gears;

The seatback latches and the occasional erroneous HAL9000-type onboard computer fault predictions that are in error; these are usually solved by turning off the engine and restarting or from a lightbulb that got moist from a wash. Cosmetic parts are becoming difficult to get, especially the console gear shift surround black plastic panel.

General Comments:

I cannot overstate the attention this car gets, especially from those who have heard about them but never seen one in the sheetmetal. People will chase to catch you on freeway for a look, or get whiplash as they pass in the opposite direction.

Approx 7000 total 8 series were imported to North America between 1991 and 1997; 1100 are known to be still registered. BMW spent $1 Billion (yes with B) developing this car intending to sell 300,000 worldwide; they achieved only 30,000 total sales - meaning each car cost them $35,000 before the first screw. In an effort to expand appeal of the $90k car; they introduced a V8 version for about $70k for model years 1994 and 1995; A total of only 1600 were sold so these are even rarer than the V12.

The horsepower is about 300, nearly identical to the V12; the exhaust is a little more robust and the costs of mechanical repair is half!

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2009

6th Jul 2021, 12:53

The 840 is the one to have. The 850 is nice, but the V12 is rather unnecessary; the V8 is less complex and almost as fast.

6th Jul 2021, 22:20

Yeah, it’s much like that with Jaguar XJs, too. It’s sad, as classic 8 series and Jaguars are so achingly gorgeous, and V12s are so enticingly exotic! But that engine in either car is a siren song.

1994 BMW 8 Series 840Ci 4.0 from UK and Ireland


If you want to look good in a good looking car, then look no further


Nikasil to Alusil engine upgrade, by BMW, at 48000 miles.

Steering box replaced at 65000, due to minor, but annoying, leak.

General Comments:

The 8 Series BMWs are driver's cars. The 840Ci is no exception and offers comfort and exhilaration in equal measure.

A very solid and stable car when driving at speed and extremely comfortable (as a two seater) for the occupants.

This is a car to see and be seen in. Not only does it get envious looks, but also affords the driver the sort of respect from other motorists that only royalty normally commands.

With so few on the roads, when you do see a fellow 8er, there is a great feeling of belonging to an exclusive club. This normally generates a smile or a wave of acknowledgment.

This car is no heavyweight slouch either, put your foot down and watch the speedometer rise as the fuel gauge falls - the air and scenery will whistle past. When you need it, it will also stop. The ABS is a life saver.

Safety is paramount in the design of this car. Airbags for driver and front passenger. Superbly built bodywork with impact zones to protect the occupants even at the 155MPH speeds that can be obtained.

With hardly any optional extras (most items are included), you can still turn your car to be an individual by fitting alloy wheels, performance chips and radar detectors.

This car is not one to be spoilt by 'boy racer' attachments and is appreciated and loved by it's owners.

It is usually a great buy having been looked after and lavished upon by it's previous owner. Few get mistreated and neglected.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2005

29th Aug 2022, 14:46

The 1990's 8 series was one of BMW's best looking cars ever.

1994 BMW 8 Series 840 cI 4.0 V8 from UK and Ireland


An expensive mistake


Water pump and thermostat failed, pumping water all over the engine.

BMW didn't tighten the radiator hose properly with similar results.

Brake pump failed.Fixed under independent warranty. Would have cost £1400.

Starts every time, though.

General Comments:

Seats are comfortable, but hard.

Acceleration is very good for such a heavy car.

Good on staight, flat roads, but not on twisty, pot-holed british roads.

Solid build quality.

Heavy depreciation, lost £6000 in 10 months.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2002

28th Oct 2022, 14:20

Please do your research before buying a car like this :)

Depreciation goes without saying on these when nearly new and buying used, but they are old enough now to be gaining in value for good condition cars.

1994 BMW 8 Series 850 CSi 5.6 380bhp V12 from UK and Ireland


The best looking car ever - with matching performance


Air con failed - still not fixed.

Gone through many tires - replaced shock absorbers.

General Comments:

Amazing in every aspect - top notch performance and perfect ride and handling.

Still the best looking car EVER I think, even though the design is 11 years old - looks the part, Silver or Calypso Red are the colours to have.

Wish to get yet another 8 Series soon, and a new 8 series is out in 2002/2003, rare manual CSi is very good.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2001

6th Jun 2005, 06:17

The 850 CSI is among the best looking cars ever! I just want to ask you hows the fuel consumption on that V12? under normal driving and hard driving? How does it feel to have 380 bhp and 405 lb/ft under your right foot?, only asking cos I've never been in anything near your cars power/torque.


9th Mar 2006, 19:35

This car is beautiful, I've had the luxury to drive it once, but never owned one! Well perhaps I might own one if they start producing a new 8 series, based on this model again?

In Canada 8 series is pretty rare and I've seen it only twice on roads.