30th Jan 2012, 12:29

I'm absolutely puzzled by some of these comments, especially regarding 3-series. Unreliable???

I've owned quite a few BMW's, since early 90's till present. That included Z3, 318i, 330ci. Owning these cars is absolute pleasure. Extremely reliable. Even a clutch repair on them is cheaper than on Honda's, and these are repairs at a BMW dealer. A rebuilt brake master cylinder is only $125, which is exactly same prices as for Nissan, GM, etc.

These cars cost exactly the same as domestic or Japanese imports. I should know, I own a 2005 Nissan Altima, bought it new, and it's in the shop a few times a year for repairs. Within 2 years after the warranty ran out, thank god I purchased an extended warranty, Nissan dealer repaired over $6000 worth problems. These included steering knuckle, both front struts rear stabilizer bushings (twice!), alternator, catalytic converter (front), flex pipe (twice), rear calipers (seized), sub-frame (unbelievable!), CO2 (twice).

Even with brand new suspension parts, (struts, links, bushing), Nissan doesn't even come close to BMW. I still own my 1996 BMW Z3, which has higher mileage than my Altima, and within all these years, since 1996-present 2012, this car cost me less than $2000 in repairs.

I honestly never owned a "Lemon" BMW, and will buy another one in the future. Biggest mistake I made was in buying Nissan Altima.

13th Feb 2015, 05:36

BMW aren't unreliable, just expensive and needing constant maintenance. I say this after owning FOUR different vehicles from BMW. Window regulators die on a regular basis, the radiator needs to be replaced every 40,000 miles or so (cracks), and electronic gremlins are constant. Or, as the BMW owner's blog once said, "Set aside $3,000 to $4,000 a year for maintenance." I found these figures to be about right, spending $3,500 a year in repairs and maintenance on my last 3 Series. Fun to drive, expensive to maintain; that is the BMW experience for many owners.