2003 BMW M3 3.2 from North America


Like it - don't love it - but I'm getting there




Steering rack.

General Comments:

After much research and debate I decided to buy this car to use as a DD. I've always liked the car's looks, and many reviews state this is the ultimate M3, and one of the best BMWs that can be bought. However, the potential costs of ownership kept me away. What flipped the switch was my wife's approval - she likes how it looks! (BTW, we are both in our mid-50s).

I wasn't really looking for a coupe, as I prefer 4 doors, but I had to have a manual trans. Manuals are very hard to come by anymore in sedans, so I was open to a coupe, and ended up with one. That has not been an issue.

I also ended up with an SMG car, not a 3-pedal manual car. I won't get into all the debate about SMG - you can read it for yourself on the web - but I like it. It gives me the connectedness of a manual, with the convenience of not having to push a clutch, and the option of full auto operation if desired. So far, no issues.

I use this car as my DD and it fills that purpose well. I prefer a highly responsive car and this fits the bill. It's great for navigating Houston traffic.

In return for responsiveness I give up a cushy ride. This thing rides hard, in part due to the 19 inch wheels, in part due to the near-race suspension. But it is still a comfortable cabin to be in. I have taken it on a few 3 hour trips and found it acceptable.

Repairs haven't been bad, although I do all my own work which cuts cost. The original alternator had to be replaced. Fortunately it did not leave me stranded. I just replaced the RTABs - a normal wear item - but a pain to replace. I replaced the steering guibo, and am in the midst of replacing the rack. Neither of these are difficult and the cost is reasonable. The biggest headache has been getting parts. Everything has to be ordered, and to reduce freight costs I choose economy shipping, which takes about a week.

So far the positives outweigh the negatives, and much is forgiven when the right pedal is matted, the paddle shifters are clicking, and the engine is singing its 7800 RPM song.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2016

2003 BMW M3 Coupe 3.6L inline 6 from North America





General Comments:

This car is a joy to drive. Limitless power it seems... great handling, looks awesome. I use to own a 1995 540i 6 speed manual sport... that was a nice car, but this one is simply the best I have ever driven.

Back seat lot better then expected.

Little nervous about not having a spare tire. May buy a kit just case.

Sound system not good. BMW needs to step up and deliver a system inline with the performance of the car. 60k ought to buy you an awesome system. HK is not even close.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2007

2003 BMW M3 3.2 from UK and Ireland


One of my dream cars knocked off the list!


Got a puncture second day of owning it!! (my fault really!!)

General Comments:

This car is awesome!

If you want speed and handling in a car that is smart, comfortable, and great with the lady's, get an M3!

I've owned this car for only a week, and what a week its been. Had to travel 150 miles to get it, but that was the best bit, being able to drive it all that way back!

The best thing about an M3 is not the speed or the looks, or even the fact that you own a BMW, it is the noise that comes from that 3.2 straight six engine. Combine it with the 4 exit exhausts and you've got yourself a one hell of a sound. Go through a tunnel in whatever gear at about 6ooo revs with the windows down and it sounds like a Ferrari - now you can't complain with that!!

I bought one in red with the csl 19"s on it, and when cleaned up looks as good a car as any!

The other thing is, yes, it might only get to 60 in just over 5 seconds (to some that is quick anyway!) but its the way that it just keeps on pulling all the way to its limited top speed of 155 with no effort what so ever!

I live in a country with very bouncy bumpy country roads, but this baby just eats the road up, and when doing 120 down a road that should bounce me off into a tree, it just holds to the road like nothing I've ever been in before!

As for the the interior, its very smart with full leather, electric seats, and all your climate control and that other stuff, so you're not short of luxury.

Its well built and hard to fault.

I bought mine from a BMW dealership, which I highly recommend, you get your full 1-3 year warranty, full MOT, and if there's and marks on the body work and wheels they will re-furb free of charge. The service is excellent as well.

Overall I highly recommend the M3, its such an easy car to drive, you just point it and go. It looks amazing, drives amazing, sounds amazing, and with and average of 25 mpg, who can complain!

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Review Date: 28th January, 2007

29th Jan 2007, 03:13

What sort of hooligan are you doing 120 on country roads. I am 19 years old and own a 95 micra. I do 50mph on country roads and people like you put my life and others at risk. Also, how would you know that it continues to pull until 155mph have you done this before as you have not mentioned anything about a racetrack. I may be young, but I am more sensible than you and have to pay higher insurance, its ridiculous.