30th Jan 2007, 19:45

This is to the bloke with the Micra. Yes maybe those speeds are a bit silly on country roads, but I was just giving you the idea of how good this car really is! And you're comparing it with your Micra, well let me tell you that an M3 ain't no Micra! This car isn't for the faint hearted, and by the sounds of it this car isn't for you, so I suggest that you stick to your little Micra!

31st Jan 2007, 03:39

To the man with the BMW. I am totally satisfied with my Micra as it is reliable, economical and is cheap to tax. I am merely suggesting that you go 120mph where it is permitted i. e racetrack. Not on country roads where there are people doing the SPEED LIMIT as you are without a doubt putting your own and other people's lives at risk.

31st Jan 2007, 04:17

I don't think he was comparing the performance to a Micra, just the fact that he pays more insurance than you and he is a good boy. But you can drive fast without being dangerous, just got to be a bit choosy with your conditions. And I bet the BMW is just as good at stopping as it is going. Although nothing can compensate fully for dangerous driving. But I bet you've had a few good victories in it though!

2nd Feb 2007, 05:31

Micra Man. How old are you?? Where is your passion for life and fun?? Live a little. I'm sure M3 man doesn't drive stupidly fast when its not appropriate.

If you had an M3 instead of a micra you would be wanting to give it a bit of a thrashing before you got to a racetrack. I'm 18 and having an M3 at 21 is one hell of an achievement, I mean I hope I can have one when I'm 21!! Come out of your shell fella.