17th Dec 2005, 00:27

I have a 1999 M Coupe which has done 55,000kms. It is a fantastic, individual car for the discerning driver - with a stamp of individuality which you either lover or hate. I love it.

It goes like a scalded dingo (Aussie!), and is a joy on the race track or skid pan. It can do marvellous burnouts - if that is your thing, or figure of eights around witches hats for the skilled driver. Oh, did I mention it was fast. The limiting factor on race tracks is the driver. The fastest driver in our club drove an M Coupe - with modified brakes/ lines. The originals are easy to cook / warp, so get them slotted if you are a serious racer. They imported 150 in Australia. Some have been trashed racing so it is likely that rarity MAY be a factor in resale for the future. For all the M Coupe aspirants, I say this - Get One and Enjoy.

13th Nov 2006, 11:14

I bought my 2000 Estoril Blue M Coupe in August, as I needed a car for this year's Cannonball 8000 to Budapest.

Wow, what a car. I had always loved the way it looked, and so it was always going to be the car of choice for me, but my brother in law, with whom I was doing the run, had different views on the car's looks, and insisted we spent time trawling the Auto Trader website searching for various 911's. After actually viewing one, his opinion changed straight away and he totally agreed with me, and we set off in search of one, ending up with us buying ours from a chap in Richmond.

The car proved the perfect choice during the rally; it was reliable, always started, used no oil and suffered no breakdowns as we rushed across Europe with the pack of exotics that included Lambo's, Bentleys, GT40's & everything else you would expect to see on such an event! We came in 44th out of 120, and the car tore along for hours at a time at over 150mph! What a car. It now lives in my garage, as I wouldn't sell it for the world.

The best car I've ever driven, ever!!!