2004 BMW Mini Cooper S 1.6 Supercharged from UK and Ireland


A very classy and fast car that is as good to look at, as it is to drive


Harmon Karden speakers blew and were fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Superb handling and top class build quality just about sums up all about the Mini.

Speed wise, it could be a little quicker, but that's because it weighs in quite hefty with all the luxury options added.

Suppose one has to mention about the whining sound of the supercharged engine. Unique and very nice indeed.

The cabin is the best in its class in my view. The seating position is comfortable and low down for added sportiness.

The ride is a little on the harsh side, but I suspect it's not helped by those rather overpriced run-flat tires.

For a comparatively small car, it has a huge thirst for super unleaded though. 22MPG normally, and about 28MPG on the motorway!! Although my heavy right foot might have something to do with it. But the running costs are off set by savings on servicing if it came with TLC pack, which provides free servicing for 5 years. Also, it holds on to its value extremely well if it has the right spec.

All in all, it's the best car I have had up to now, and I will probably sample another one in the future because they are that good. Probably a Cooper S Works, or the new turbo charged version when it comes out.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2006

2004 BMW Mini One Convertible 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Not all that glitters is gold


Roof failed on several occasions.

Partially resprayed due to manufacturing defect.

Steering problem.

Alarm goes off when left with interior sensor activated.

Interior light has stopped working.

General Comments:

After waiting for about six months to take delivery of the car, it was a disappointment to have to roof fail during the handover. A few days later I took delivery of the car having been assured that the problem had been cured, but it kept coming back and eventually the roof was replaced.

The problem with the alarm is still there despite the car having been back to the dealers.

Paintwork was sorted with no hesitation by the dealer.

Car looks great and drives well.

Economy is a surprising bonus with approaching 40mpg average.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2005

26th Mar 2005, 10:07

Update: The alarm problem has been sorted with a modification that BMW have brought out and there have been no problems with the roof lately.

2004 BMW Mini Cooper Convertible 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic and very funky small convertible!


Nothing, but then I've only done 500 miles in it!

General Comments:

In black with a chrome line exterior it just looks fantastic! Although I opted for the standard 15" alloy wheels with driving in potholed London streets in mind, this does not seem to be at the detriment of the car's handling which is superb - roof up or down! The car is also a surprisingly good motorway cruiser for a small convertible.

With chrome line interior and the brilliant silver painted dashboard, the car's interior is just as funky as it's exterior! There is plenty of space in the front, but the car is effectively a 3 seater as there is virtually no legroom behind the driver's seat and I'm only 5ft 10in tall. Boot space is limited with the tailgate in cabrio mode, but as the rear seats split fold, it is perfectly capable of being a European touring holiday car for 3.

I also opted for the Harmon Kardon sound system which is better than the Bose system in my previous Alfa 147. However, I do think it is incredibly cheeky of BMW to charge £210 for a CD player on what is already a relatively expensive small car.

All in all though, this is terrific car. I have never come across another car that seems to make other road users and pedestrians as happy as this car seems to do which kind of says it all really :-)!

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004