5th Aug 2004, 11:32

No "auto-up" window feature in the USA that I am aware of, probably a liability issue.

The 17" tires are an even stiffer ride than the 16"s, however the improvment in grip makes it worth it.

Love it so far.

24th Oct 2005, 19:58

Pathetic for a supercharged engine.

25th Oct 2005, 09:03

You think 100 horsepower per litre is pathetic? What is it for the average car on sale in the US...50, 60 maybe?

4th Jan 2006, 11:04

Also check out Yank-wagon fuel consumption...

22nd Jan 2007, 09:22

I have just done 500 miles in mine and loving it. Strait line speed is not the key it's how fast you can corner that puts a smile on the face. I had an MR2 turbo before, this car makes me smile not hold on for dear life.

28th Mar 2007, 06:08


3 years have passed and my lease is up. I have been unable to decide on a replacement so have decided to buy the car. The depreciation is about as good as it gets so it is a reasonable deal.

The earlier comments are correct re: the auto up window. Not included on the Canadian spec cars, how irritating.

I have not suffered any major issues with this car over 3 years and 60000 Km. The biggest problem was a wiper motor with a short that took 3 dealer visits to sort out. They damaged the body in the process of replacing the motor on the last visit which meant a body shop trip too.

There are still rattles and squeaks that change with the season. The hatch latch is one of the biggest culprits in warmer temperatures. I have given up asking the dealer to fix it – the “fix” only ever lasts a few weeks, if that.

The motor is still strong and smooth. Average fuel consumption has been around 33 miles per imperial gallon. I travel 30 miles to work, mixed city and freeway driving including a congested Canada/US border. I enjoy the performance so am not the easiest on the gas pedal. With this kind of driving the service indicator has directed only 2 oil changes – 25000 Km and 55000 Km. The first was an $80 Canadian oil change only, the second an “inspection 1” service which cost $299 Canadian. No included maintenance in Canada!

I prematurely replaced the Dunlop run-flats with conventional Toyo Proxies and a can of “puncture goo” at 25000 km. The ride is much better as is the wet road and snow traction. I drove 3 southern Ontario winters without snow tires or problems. The Dunlop’s were marginal through the first winter.

Overall a good experience.