2006 BMW X5 3.0i In-Line 6 from North America


The best luxury SUV for BMW


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:


Most people say these BMW seats are very hard, and I don't really see how they are hard. The seats are rather comfortable, mine has the premium package, so I got the Dakota Leather, or I think it is, either way it's nice. Also, the interior is pretty silent, all you can hear is your inline-6, very good sound as well as the exhaust.


Looks beautiful in every way, looks sorta like a Range Rover in my garage, the cars pretty big, interior is very simplistic yet sophisticated, love the panoramic sunroof, and the red gauges at night. Rims, even though it's a 3.0i look fantastic, don't let pictures deceive you.


The adaptive xenons are awesome at night, do not skip out on them if your buying any car.


This car, although haven't been in a crash (knock on wood) the build quality is wonderful, from the big heavy doors, to the many airbags the brochure shows is amazing, makes me feel very very safe.


Big backseat, could probably sit like 5 people if you tried. Trunk is rather big as well, although I don't really carry big loads of objects in it.


Rock solid, all I can say.

Only bad thing about it is that you're gonna feel so far away from the person next to you since like I mentioned before, this is a big car. And if you don't like people staring at you, then don't purchase this SUV.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2009

5th May 2011, 10:28

Can you update us on the status of your X5? Do you still own it? How is the vehicle doing now? Have you done anything outside of the regular maintenance?

Please let us know.

2006 BMW X5 from North America


Never again!


We have owned a BMW X5 since 2006.

Just recently the wheel starts to shake when we reach above 70mph speed. While we were out at night, the X5 would not start until several tries; and all settings (blue-tooth, stereo, etc.) reset. Two days later the X5 was totally dead.

The dealership states that the battery is not recharging fully and needs to be replaced. The warranty does not cover the replacement because the SUV was supposed to have 1000 miles per month in order for the battery to recharge fully. We travel about 10 miles a day on the X5; about 300-500 miles a month. Does that mean that the battery has to be replaced so often? Never had that problem with previous cars & SUV.

General Comments:

There is something seriously wrong with the battery and its connections, and with the electronic/computer make up of X5.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2008

17th Aug 2008, 13:13

You should be thankful the only problem was the battery! I'm certain that BMW buys their batteries from a 3rd party, and as for the wheel shaking, if you bent the rim that would be your fault (wheels don't just go from smooth to shaky without the driver having done something to change it's behaviour).

As for the not charging because it hasn't been driven 1000 miles a month is pure BS. I would challenge the intelligence of the idiot who quoted you with that rebuttal and demand they change it on the spot without question.

2006 BMW X5 4.8is V8 from North America


The most fun a person can have in an SUV


Nothing as of yet, but I am waiting for the on board computer to go.

General Comments:

I bought this car in November of 2005 as a trade in from a 2004 BMW 745Li. Since we were leasing the car for 1200 a month, I decided to get something much more... practical. I wanted the 4.8is, nothing less of an X5, so I looked at comparably equipped Mercedes, Land Rovers, and the Cayenne. I chose the BMW. It just has a more sporty feel than the others, especially the Mercedes (I hated that thing).

Now, mind you, when I buy a car, I use the car. There isn't any sitting in the garage for it. I drive it like a race car, and I treat it like a truck. I do fold down the seats and load it with dirty, messy junk. I basically drive it like a used old junker truck. After all, it is just a car.

It performs exceptionally in the mountains. Recently, I drove my long time friend and her son home from the mountains, where they are having a house built. So, since they are die-hard speed freaks, I decided to give them a little performance. As soon as we pulled out of the driveway onto the main road, I had it going a little over 70, even around sharp corners, with no body roll; it felt as if we were going 20, seriously. And that engine note is like no other.

But there was one thing that was a major annoyance; with the panoramic sun roof open, it vibrated at 80 on the freeway.

The comfort is amazing; the comfort seats are very supportive and firm. The wood can be made very glossy (the boy also details it and does a wonderful job), and the leather is very soft and warm, even in the winter.

The sound system is awesome, way above normal for Bose. It actually has a complete audio system, and does not seem to be lacking anything. I would have preferred it if BMW would have had Harmon Kardons in these.

I DO NOT LIKE THE LAUNCH CONTROL! I hate it with a passion. With all 425 horse power, I should be able to light up the tires with ease, but I can't even spin them on wet gravel!

I like it much better than my old 745Li. I am not much of a boat driver, who drives like a grandma. No, I am a speed demon who likes the adrenaline.

I think it would have been nice if the X5 had the 7 Series start button, rather than the key, mostly because the start button is more sporty, therefore should be mated with a more sporty car.

If you can afford the 80,000 price tag, I highly recommend this vehicle above all others to you. It's luxurious and sporty, yet versatile. I could keep going on and on about my baby, but I am cutting myself off now.

A very, VERY pleased driver of the Ultimate Driving Experience.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2006

26th Dec 2006, 17:04

Poster: just an update! at 56000 miles I had a water pump failure, and that set me back about a grand. nothing else has gone wrong with this beauty.

5th Mar 2007, 15:54

I am on my second problem. The computer that regulates the throttle pressure to the engine malfunctioned. it didn't do anything dangerious, just when I hit the gas it would take 3 seconds before it registered and the engine revved. fixed, about 600 dollars.

2006 BMW X5 3.0 Diesel Sport 3.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Still the King of Stylish 4x4s


Digital TV keeps resetting, Bluetooth phone kit also problematic.

General Comments:

This is the second X5 that I have owned and it's a wonderful car to drive and own. I specified the car in Sterling Grey which is less common than my previous silver car- it makes the car look smaller.

The new 3.0 diesel is supposed to be more economical than the engine in the 2003 model that I owned, but there is no noticeable difference.

While the Sat Nav is a great option, you could probably do without the digital TV. It tends to flicker no matter where you are. I was going to get the signal unblocked for on the move TV, but I won't bother now.

Consider the uprated speaker system- you will notice a difference.

Overall the car is great. I'll keep it for another 2 years, but I doubt another X5 will be on the cards. Perhaps the forthcoming Z4 Coupe seeing the only passenger I ever have is the girl I'm dating at the time.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2006

31st Jan 2006, 15:17

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no such thing as a stylish 4x4.

Driving an X5 says something about you, but it doesn't really relate to style. More like your attitude of sorts...

10th Feb 2006, 16:10

I purchased the X5 for many reasons- In my opinion it looks better than a Cayenne, has more space than a Range Rover Sport and as I'm only 25, a 5 series estate is not really the look I want. In terms of "attitude" it always seems to come from others- not me. It is a great car with all the options that I require. Seeing the X5 doesn't seem to match your standards, what can you suggest as an alternative?