1974 Bond Bug 750ES 750cc from UK and Ireland


Thermostat gasket at 13000 miles. (In 1999) Restored, so it should be good. Overheating is one worry, though.

General Comments:

Excellent three wheeled fun-car. Orange paintwork will knock onlookers' eyes twenty feet behind their heads. Quite fast, although stability is iffy. Two seats, therefore not good for a family. Cred now on the up.

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Review Date: 17th May, 1999

25th Apr 2005, 17:52

I like the bug for its roominess, headroom and handling, especially with the turbo. Great BANG for the buck.


19th Feb 2006, 15:59

Hi I am thinking of buying a BOND BUG700ES it looks in good nick, but I need to go and see it what should I expect to pay for such a vehicle thanks a lot


1972 Bond Bug 700ES 0.7 petrol from UK and Ireland


Not with the car itself, although it uses a bit of water and oil. Be careful, the car is so small, people won't see it.

General Comments:

Great small funcar which is faster than any VW GTI!

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998

19th Jun 2005, 10:09

Great car if you wana outrun Mr Bean.

14th Nov 2005, 15:24

Your bug won't outrun a 1 litre Polo, never mind a Golf GTI.

16th Aug 2006, 11:59

A Bug won't have a higher top speed, but will be quicker off the mark than some bloated 4 wheeler; and that's not including the Bug with the R1 engine.

12th Jan 2007, 14:52

Look out for the 'Busa Bug it beat a Ferrari in a shootout for FHM magazine.

Built by the guy who built the R1 Bug... just faster.

12th Sep 2009, 16:27

Why is everyone so obsessed by actual speed? Go 30mph in a Bond Bug & it'll feel like you're doing 100mph. It's how fast a car FEELS like it's going that matters. A Ferrari & a Golf Gti are faster than a Bug, but I bet they don't FEEL faster. OK, a Ferrari can do 150mph, but where can you do that on a public road? Answer is nowhere. So at 30mph a Ferrari is going to feel pretty lame as is a Golf Gti, but in Bug, it'll feel WILD & that's what matters. I love the Bug!