30th Oct 2006, 20:02

Hi ho Bricklin, yeah, I love these cars, even though it cost our government at the time some 25 million dollars. I work in the building where the Bricklin was manufactured in Saint John NB. I feel lucky about that. We've found the odd sticker on the post beam that was supposed to be stuck under the hood, and even found what looked to be a door mold that was used to make the gull winged doors. It's all long gone now, but everyday I look at the big garage door out front of our plant, and can almost see with a figment of my imagination a brand new shiny Bricklin driving down the cement ramp.

This was a unique car, which was way ahead of its time, and if I could afford one, I'd surely be hunting one down right now. Every car has its design flaws, especially when they're first made. It's too bad Malcolm Bricklin didn't get more money from the government to carry on his dream, but at least we've got a few cars left to remember it by.

I think if Bricklin had a chance, it could have turned out good and continued to do so.

20th Sep 2007, 14:43

Yep, the Bricklin Boyz are right on.

As to the leaky door problem. I suggest a visit to the Bricklin Tech forums at www.bricklin.org.

Love it, love it.

Gerry (VIN #2905, '76, 351W, 120MPH ++)

4th Nov 2007, 01:37

I remember seeing my first Bricklin about 1976 (safety orange) in Central Calif. In Oct. 2007 I got into an argument with a friend who thought it was an AMC vehicle. A week later I bought one. And yep, nobody seems to know what it is, so I give them a history lesson. Yes it has flaws; noisy, drafty, leaky, but undeniably cool. My stock 351 still puts you back in the seat at 70mph and jumps up to 110 with still more pedal. It's a sports car, so deal with it.

Bob S. # 1529.

29th Nov 2007, 22:19

I met Malcolm Bricklin at UNB Fredericton, NB back in 1974. He had a clay 1/3 model of the car with him and was doing a talk on the car and production. I was quite excited by the concept and it was like looking at a space capsule to an 18 yr old kid.

I've never bought one, but did drive one in Calgary a few yrs back. Reminded me of a big 240, a car I did own (the second car I owned, the first being a 1968 MGB when I was at Dalhousie U in Halifax). I was at an A&W drive in a couple of months back in Dartmouth, NS and 2 Bricks showed up out of over 1000 vehicles that attended. They certainly did attract a lot of attention!

I hear Malcolm is going to be importing Chinese cars into NA soon, the Chery, I believe. Never give up the business! What has he been up to between 1976- 2006?

Peter Hyslop, Halifax, NS.

22nd Feb 2008, 23:07

Living in Kitchener, ON (Canada), I had the pleasure of attending the 2005 gathering of the Bricklin International Meet held in our downtown core.

There must have been 35+ Bricklins lining the street! What a sight it was. Go to YouTube and look for "Bricklin International Meet 2005" and have a look at the video.

I was fortunate to meet Herb Grasse, the designer of the Bricklin; check out http://www.herbgrassedesign.com/bricklin.htm.

Herb was a very affable person, and we had a great chat about the car and its design. He even took the time to pose with me in front of a wonderful orange '74.

Top score for the day? A commemorative poster of the 25th anniversary of the Bricklin --- signed by both Malcolm and Herb...

Great piece of Bricklin history.

13th Aug 2008, 16:06

Driving a Bricklin is a life experience. I owned a Datsun 240Z back in the 70's when the Bricklin was produced. Always wanted one but knew someday it would happen.

Got my hands on 1189, safety green 75 that has seen some well done restoration over the years.

It is a major attention getter but even more fun to drive.

I now realize my attraction to the Brick... pretty close resemblance to the 240Z, a little bit of early 70's Corvette influence and the gull wing doors... great design, futuristic for it's time.

If it were to be resurrected today, with today's engineering and technology, no question it would be car of the year.

Hat's off to all Bricklin owners for preserving a little bit of automotive history.

(From earlier post...74 Bricks had a 4 bbl carb with an AMC 360...75/76 Bricks had a Ford 351 with a 2 bbl carb, but swapping it out with a 4 bbl and electronic ignition makes it one quick little machine).

Thanks to the Bricklin Boyz for their help in familiarizing me with my new ride.

Drive safe.

Steve-Ottawa, Ontario...yeah, Canada, home of the Bricklin.

9th Oct 2009, 13:03

Hey there! I'm a New Englander who has actually been to Minto New Brunswick. I visited friends in the area a couple of times in the mid-seventies. I stopped in Minto on the way to Bouctouche.

18th Jan 2010, 00:22

Hi- I've recently started looking for a decent example of a Bricklin. I'd love any useful advice, direction or help. I'd also like a referral on a decent car somewhere close to the Midwest USA, as every car I see is in California or Florida.

Anyone who would like to contact me, please email sgvette@aol.com. Thanks, Steve G.

6th Mar 2010, 12:41

Just look on Ebay. There are two complete cars for sale with the lowest at $500 us and the highest at $12K. I purchased a 74 on Ebay two days ago as a runner, with no title from a dealer in Texas for $3500. Mine was in storage since 77, and looks to need some fiberglass work and carpet, but for what I paid, I expect it to need some TLC.

24th May 2011, 13:56

How much do you pay for a unrestored Bricklin that is in good shape. How much do you charge to do a simple restoration? Have you considered doing a wrap on the body? gilbert786@aol.com for response.

24th Nov 2012, 20:42

I bought my first Bricklin in 1980. Sold it about 5 years later for what I paid for it.

Bought my second one in 2007. This one has all the engineering updates - extra heavy duty radiator with large water pump to stop the over heating issue, water leaks into the interior fixed, new air door system, which includes new air cylinders, stainless air lines, heavy duty air pump for system, new manifold and carburetor, new paint, new muffler/exhaust, new carpet, new seats, etc.

The bottom line is all the factory engineering defects are fixed, plus comfort items added. Extremely reliable car, and fun, fun, fun to drive. I drive it a couple times a week, for 9 months of out of the year.

7th Jan 2017, 22:36

Not sure what you're talking about either. I'm redoing a '75 Bricklin right now. The most upgraded part to perform better is slap on the 4-bbl carb and intake. This '75 has only 16k miles on it, been owned by the same guy since 1978, all original right down to the tires and has the 351w with a cast iron 2-bbl intake and Autolite 2-bbl carburetor. I'm no Bricklin expert, but I've been researching a ton about these cars. Pretty simple besides the body.

In an article I read from Bricklinpartsva.com even says if you swap out the 2-bbl carb to a 4-bbl, swap the intake to an aluminum 4-bbl, swap the cam for a more performance minded one and delete the emissions, you'll go from 175hp to close to 300hp. And that's back in the 70s!