7th Jan 2017, 22:44

Ok. So I just looked back to see and refresh my memory. We're both right! 1974 had a 4-bbl on top of the AMC 360. 1975 and 76 had 2-bbl carbs on top of the 351w. So we'll just call it a tie then...

15th Oct 2018, 04:53

Yeah, it's a great car if you don't mind leaking doors and air problems in the air tubes for the doors. I had one in great shape with low miles years ago, and you just can't get around the functionality problem of those doors. There was a guy that started making custom parts for Bricklins out of his home, and even the fix that he came up with for the leaking doors didn't work completely. When it would rain with the car sitting outside, I could end up with 3 inches of water in the floorboards and I had to soak it up with towels that I kept in the car. And if you have an air leak in the tubing for the doors, it's hard to find someone that can fix it. I had to find schematics for the system underneath the car with the tubes, and get a guy that repaired forklifts to fix it by looking at the schematics. Also, if you have a wreck, it's going to be hard to find replacement parts like fenders, etc.

15th Oct 2018, 20:50

I don’t have this car, but have to say rain is never an issue with mine. It's garaged. The first time I inspected one, I didn’t even know how to turn the wipers on in the inspection lane. If it looks like rain, it stays in that weekend. No leak problems, addressing it as a fair weather only car.

15th Aug 2023, 23:35

It wasn't a "tie", you were wrong, only the AMC 360 IN 1974 was a 4V. The 75's all received a 2v 351 Windsor.