2006 Bugatti Veyron from North America


Very fast, but unnecessarily so. Also, very expensive



General Comments:

The car was very fast, but I doubt anyone will ever take it above 150 mph.

I went for a ride with my friend who happens to be on a waiting list or something of the sort for the car. His is white on the outside and red wine colored on the inside. Anyway, we went on the 405 and we (quickly) got up to about 90, but there was bad traffic so we had to slow down to a near standstill. Anyway, this gave me ample opportunity to observe the cabin and the seats. The seats are moderately comfortable, but the cabin was very bare and purely functional.

From the outside, the two rear air scoops above the engine are very intimidating, and the front grille is as well. Overall, the car was very solid and easily powerful. Faster than the McLaren, maybe.

Also, about my previous comment, "The car was very fast, but I doubt anyone will ever take it above 150 mph." Like I said, there's really no place to take the car that fast other than a racetrack.

Overall, a very fast car. I have to say though, the price is overly excessive and could be better put to use feeding the poor or supporting charity.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2006

21st Apr 2006, 14:26

Wow! you are really lucky to have driven that car!

21st Apr 2006, 14:27

Yeah, if this isn't another fake.

22nd Apr 2006, 10:15

To the 18:10 poster:

Personally I would never buy a Veyron unless I had a private race course to run it on. Even on the German autobahns this car would be severely limited by traffic. I know the auto reviews say it's easy to drive around town, but what's the point of getting 5 mpg getting groceries?