23rd Apr 2006, 04:02

Fuel consumption is never an issue as it comes with the price of admission. I do not know what gas mileage is or even care to. Try owning even a pleasure boat today then you will possible consider fuel costs per hour... not per mile!

23rd Apr 2006, 05:01

According to Audi which own Bugatti, they still haven't produced their 1st production model until the end of August. Wake up mate!

23rd Apr 2006, 12:21

You missed my point. Yes, I know that fuel consumption is not an issue in this class, but my point wasn't fuel consumption, but that you are not able to truly use the car for its intended purpose. In other words, you're paying all that money, but the car is really for show rather than go unless you live in Germany.

As I mentioned, if I owned such a super supercar I would buy or rent a private race track.

24th Apr 2006, 11:10

The Veyron's an overpriced, overengineered, ugly as hell piece of tripe. It was built to assuage Ferdinand Piƫch's ego. In today's high priced (fuel) world, it just wasn't needed. Pfft.

24th Apr 2006, 19:35

Would have to be super rich or won't even get a sniff in.

30th Apr 2006, 23:23

I have no idea who was driving, but I saw a Veyron driving down the street in heavy traffic in La Jolla, CA just the other day. I was in the opposite lane and got a very close look at the car so I am certain it was a Veyron. I can't believe someone would be driving it during rushhour??

1st May 2006, 10:07

At least the Veyron has an "automatic".

I remember in the 1990's when I lived in LA seeing Lamorghinis in rush hour traffic, and I know they didn't have automatics. THAT was insane.

1st May 2006, 15:00

Personally, I love the above posts that detail how two Veyrons are in "storage", while the other was just handed over to a guy who was on a "waiting list". Apparently they're not aware of just how expensive this car really is. I'd call this review a very big fib.

1st May 2006, 15:54

Whoever wrote that you need to go to Germany or buy a racetrack... is misinformed. There are tracks throughout the USA to drive on... in addition there are places including less populated interstates that you can do selected bursts. And who cares about fuel? My son owns a Viper that gets better mileage than his Range Rover... if you own cars such as these you typically network with same model car owners and have plenty of opportunity to meet at tracks etc many times a year.

2nd May 2006, 08:57

Wow, imagine that. A dealer asking significantly more than the asking price for a vehicle.

The Veyron lists for $1.2 million USD whichs means this benevolent dealer is asking upwards of $500,000 over list.

2nd May 2006, 09:44

Let's keep on dreaming!!!

The only Veyron I've ever seen and probably ever see again was in London, surrounded by a crew of the BBC. I asked what was going on and they told me that they were making a review of the car for a tv show. The looks of the car are awesome, although it reminded me a little bit of a supped up Audi TT, very spheric forms all around. The engine sounds weird, really powerful, but very muffled at low revs. Couldn't see the interior very well, they didn't let me get close enough... sniff, sniff...

2nd May 2006, 12:34

To the poster who says I am misinformed about the Veyron only being able to stretch its legs in Germany or at an owned or RENTED race track.

Please tell this board exactly which racetracks are FREE to use, especially for 200 mph driving. Owners groups have to RENT (which is what I said) a track. Even the Nurburgring in Germany is something like $10/lap.

And good luck driving 175 mph on regular roads in America. Because, as we all know, the Veyron is such a stealth vehicle that no one will notice even at that speed. In California, if you are caught going over 100 mph an unfriendly judge can decide to pull your license.

2nd May 2006, 17:04

If you look at photos of the interior, posted on various websites, you will see that the cabin is truly dreadful.

The steering wheel boss has a huge, awful-looking stylised EB on the wheel, with the E laterally inverted (backwards) to denote Ettore Bugatti.

Driving one of these ridiculous cars would be extremely embarrassing.

2nd May 2006, 19:53

So you rent a track... its not an austerity situation. And face it people do drive above the limit and yes a judge will fine you for exceeding the limit. If you have attended a driving school you are pretty capable and the vehicles are better especially brakes... in addition you are not risking damage to a pretty expensive exotic. Also you have a Valentine radar detector and friends fore and aft with cells, cb etc. and it can be done safely.

3rd May 2006, 08:56

You people obviously miss the ENTIRE point of what the Veyron is about.

Yes, you can get a radar detector and go 80 mph or more. But the Veyron is designed for superhigh speeds, and the only place to SAFELY drive 150 mph plus is either the German autobahns (where drivers are used to high speeds) or a race track.

It is beyond foolish to attempt such speeds on American roads for a variety of reasons, the major of which is that Americans don't know how to drive so will not get over to let you pass or will simply pull in your lane.

Yes, you can go joyriding in any car, and I'm sure you could even do it in New York City during rush hour.

But the FACT is that if I want to really enjoy a $1.2 million 200 mph super supercar I don't want to worry about wiping out some Chevy Cobalt in front of me.

3rd May 2006, 14:30

"It is beyond foolish to attempt such speeds on American roads for a variety of reasons"

One of them being that there's not a road over here worthy of the Autobahn. We may be a superpower, but Europe's got us beat hands down when it comes to taking care of infrastructure.

3rd May 2006, 15:54

On remote multi lane interstates with clear visibility it hasn't presented any problem. I keep reading you need to be in Europe well theres plenty of Vipers, Lamborghinis and Ferraris running across my state Florida every day!

3rd May 2006, 21:51

No, no, Sir, YOU miss the entire point of what the Bugatti (Volkswagen) Veyron is all about.

It is about Volkswagen trying to demonstrate their technical capability by building the Ultimate Supercar.

Unfortunately for them, technical problems have delayed introduction date of the production versions and cost overruns have got to the point that they will LOSE money on every car they sell.

From the customer's point of view, this car is about demonstrating your extreme wealth, that is, simply showing off and being able to say that you own the fastest production car in the world.

Never mind that on any real road trip, even in Germany, you will not be able to complete a trip any quicker than you would in a normal supercar, such as a Porsche or Ferrari, because, as you point out, there will always be slower traffic holding you up.

4th May 2006, 08:41

And these cars are going 150 mph plus? I really really doubt that given they would be so obvious to any trooper.