4th May 2006, 22:27

There are plenty of roads to drive 150+ in the US, just not for extended periods as in Germany. I made a roadtrip from San Diego to Phoenix and for parts of the trip I was safely cruising at 135 without another car in sight. I would have gone faster if my car could handle it. And yes, I have seen a Bugatti in normal traffic so to those who think they'll only see them on a showroom are missinformed. This isn't a collector car, it's simply a toy for rich people. Granted it may become a collector especially if they quit making them, but for now it's a way for people to show off.

4th May 2006, 22:34

If you can afford a car of this nature you can easily afford a 4-$5000 ticket and an attorney to drop it down. Seriously you shouldn't drive above the limit, but its pretty naive to think it doesn't happen once in a while.

5th May 2006, 19:24

Lets put it in perspective. I drive a lightly modified Viper and prefer driving on a track. I have progressed through many sports cars and I would not be honest if I said I have never driven over the limit. I would never condone driving in heavily populated areas however like the previous reviewer driving through Arizona I agree. Unless you have ever driven cars of this nature I hardly find your comments on speed applicable. My car is actually safer than many cars improperly maintained unsafe at any speed. My car at 120-140 is barely loping with little sensation of the number on the dial. You have to take into consideration the technology... the suspension, low center of gravity, tires, braking, handling. There are times that the realization of speed is barely noticeable until you look at fixed landmarks or the instrument panel. Whatever car... whether a sports utility, exotic even a Cobalt have specific designed purposes. If you buy a sports car its meaunt to be driven. I would rather be around drivers that know what he or she is doing that a driver with uncertainty and indecision at lower speeds. Yes exceeding the limit is wrong and if thats the point you have a viable comment.

6th May 2006, 12:35

The last comment posted on may 3rd, and the 2nd comment on May 4th sum up the veyron... period!!!

Enough said.

7th May 2006, 07:40

And I expect those 2 comments belong to you and no one else has an opinion? A lecture on the speed limit... OK lets all buy sports cars and drive 35 miles per hour all day. Also lets not forget to communicate about tailgating, wearing our seatbelt, not use our cell phones, do a comprehensive safety inspection on each and ever start up. I could list a least a 100 things. It might be better to just leave my investment parked in the garage and take mass transportation. I believe in laws as well, but there are times that one can enjoy certain freedoms without harming anyone. I hope with continued success that I might possibly buy a car like this vs. just critique it.

11th May 2006, 21:37

I am the original reviewer, and I honestly did drive in the car with my friend. Choose not to believe it if you wish, but that's your problem.

And yes, the car has two seats.

11th May 2006, 21:41

I gotta say guys, exotic cars are just toys. after having them for so long, 'its just another set of wheels.' the only thing that REALLY matters after that is acceleration, seeing as you can't realistically reach top speed on the highway anyhow.

13th May 2006, 16:55

Here in the UK we know the owner of the Veyron who loaned it to Top Gear for their road test/race. VAG would not provide a loaner. It is quick as a fast road bike, but seats two so feels faster as your view as a passenger is just the world fast forwarding in front of you. There are plenty of places to break into the 150 club, too many :) Finish wise it has that "hand made" feel to it though and is still beset with niggling problems that will eventually be sorted out. Many were sorted by visiting engineers, but some require a factory return. In fact one of the first of these was to get it professionally polished to bring up to the level it should have been when it was delivered.

14th May 2006, 09:52

So comforting to know VW can't even deliver a $1.2 million car properly. I guess Bentley is the only brand they own that has any type of quality, except for maybe Skoda.

14th May 2006, 13:40

Just another set of wheels??? I switch vehicles constantly, but love driving my 2 seat convertible in my states 12 month a year sunshine. I could drive my SUV as my one and only vehicle, but...that would be just another vehicle as you say!

21st May 2006, 13:19

As far as I am concerned, there is no point in owning a sports car anywhere upwards of a Mazda Miata (MX5). Reason being, of course, because this is one of the few 'performance cars' that can really perform on public roads without leaving too much excess performance beyond legal limits.

Do I think these cars are stupid? No! I think they're brilliant! There is no better piece of engineering... in the world! But if you can't push it to your limits (even if you can afford the car) why bother?

24th May 2006, 12:30

You know how much is cost VW to make a veyron 5 million dollars. But they know no one else will make a car like this again and they will hold the title for a very long time.

24th May 2006, 16:56

You are in the millionaires club baby. If you can afford it nothing less will suffice.

25th May 2006, 23:58

All the comments regarding the Veyron's ability to be driven at high speeds and the location to do so... Nobody has mentioned the long, straight and zero speed limits associated with the highways in the Northern Territory in Australia. Ah life down under!!!

29th May 2006, 05:23

Guys, for God's sake grow up, if he says he drove it, so what? It's not an uncommon statement now! I work in Honda's Wako Fundamental Technology Research Center. We have all tested the bugatti on our tracks and are quite simply blown away by it. The DSG gearbox is incredibly smooth, but equally incredibly fiddly to use.

Honda are developing a challenger to this crown, but it is only in development and design stages as yet, to be honest we don't know if it could ever make the road, as the cost is very high.

I admit the Bugatti will remain the champion machine for a few years yet, but will be overthrown! How long the wait will be, I don't know. I don't even work in the dept that's doing the designs!

1st Jun 2006, 10:09

Very impressed with the power, Love the way it eats up the track at the Nurburgring circuit, pulling like a high speed bullet train and determined to headbutt the Horizon like a possessed demon. And what a noise it makes in the process, loud enough to give ordinary people nightmares with their eyes wide open!, Who needs a stereo when you have a soundtrack this good.!, Beautifull!, I am a driving God!!! and yes, I do own one... well I did.. untill my alarm clock went off at 6.30am and it was time to get up and go to work...