9th Jun 2006, 21:07

I work for a Bugatti dealership in America, and we take our first customer deliveries in late June. I just rode in the car today for the first time, and the car is spectacular. The acceleration is unbelievable, and it pushes your insides against the seat, and the car stops just as quickly. If I had the means, I would quickly buy the car, because even though the price is insane, once you mash the gas, it makes it worth it. Just though I'd comment.

16th Jun 2006, 04:07

Veyron...Big and nasty. I find it highly unlikely if the majority of people can even imagine sitting in this supreme automobile. Fact... the car is sensational, to be considered a "production" supercar is one thing, but I dare to question even the most professional driver/collector that if one who can buy such a machine (0-100km/h = 2.9seconds) has the money and skill to do it. To buy a serious straight line car AKA the king of straight line performance... A top fuel dragster is and always will be the scariest and most sickening ride of all. The average driver would struggle to pull any potential top line performance figures out of any car. Let alone something that costs and to maintain something so powerful. My view is simple, the dreamers who crap on about certain unobtainable cars wouldn't have the faintest on how to drive it, ah and yes buy it.

29th Jun 2006, 17:51

As for the price of the car... it is certainly worth it. It costs $5,000,000 to build a Bugatti Veyron... each one. Bugatti is selling them at a HUGE loss... the car is a statement of technological masterpiece though. In the long run it will be worth it... but to say the car is overpriced is just false information. It is also undoubtedly faster than a McLaren... the numbers don't lie.

As for the money being put to better use in a charity or whatever... I don't know about your friend... he might be breaking the bank to buy his. But all the people I know who buy cars like this have already put tens of millions into charities. This isn't meant to be personal, but I find that most people who say something like that have given nothing, or very little to charities themselves. They spend 1-3 YEARS worth of wages on their car... when the people who usually buy these cars spend about 1-3 months of wages on their car.

2nd Jul 2006, 23:33

Yes Bugatti has lost a ton of money on these cars. They only started producing these cars to preserve the Bugatti History.

And as I read these comments some people just try to insult our knowledge on Bugatti. Like who ever said that they're building a Bugatti Plant in the USA...Ummmmm...NO!

Bugatti is losing a ton of money on just what they're doing now.. They already had to build one multi million dollar plant, so I seriously doubt their going to try to carry on the Bugatti History by building the French/ German Car in AMERICA!!!

7th Jul 2006, 03:12

Ah yes, "life down under"! Imagine rocketing along one of those "safe", straight highways in the Northern Territory at a speed in excess of 240km./hr. - and being confronted with a kangaroo in the middle of the road. May not be a pleasant outcome for either party. Sorry to sound like a wowser, but this sort of speed DOES kill. James Dean was driving a Porsche on a straight highway, too. Who would have thought a truck, driven by a young kid, would suddenly appear in front of him - as if from no-where?

24th Jul 2006, 00:39

All I read here is a bunch of negativity, if I'm filthy rich and could afford one of these glorious cars I would. I wouldn't care about fuel economy I wouldn't care about if the interior KINDA looks plain, I wouldn't care if there is an inverted E on the steering wheel. my goodness people this car is the ultimate car. T-H-E ULTIMATE. I would get one instantly if I could, I would drive it everywhere I wanted and I couldn't care less if I could not take it to 250mph on a regular basis. driving this beauty would mean infinite bragging rights to EVERY car owner in the world. AS IF any of you would say... Nahhhh I don't want one. if you had the money to buy it.

Now...the only thing is... where do I get 1.2 million?? suggestions?

24th Jul 2006, 19:19

Having owned numerous cars and motorcycles, there are hazards at any speed. Still the same, I am not going to drive an exotic sport car at 40 mph just to dodge a kangaroo!

25th Jul 2006, 18:50

Hopefully, you`re not going to drive an exotic sports car at a speed in excess of 240 km/hr, on a public road, either.

26th Jul 2006, 16:51

My private driveway is only a half mile long thus the public road.

29th Jul 2006, 19:46

Only half a mile long? You need a longer driveway. That way you can enjoy travelling at speeds in excess of 250 km/hr., to your heart`s content, without jeopardizing the safety of others.

7th Aug 2006, 06:49

I guess the thought of driving a car at above 240kph on a public road may sound crazy even bordering on stupidity to some, remember the government in Australia have approved the no limits in the NT. The only provision is for the driver to be capable and to have a capable car to do so. The Veyron is obviously accepted, but I guess the bigger issue is having the balls to actually do it in such an expensive car. But If I had a Veyron and lived in the NT, look out roos... as they say "you only live once"

7th Aug 2006, 15:20

To the poster who's convinced each Veyron costs $5 million to make: Uh, no...sorry, you're sadly misinformed.

And to the poster who wrote this:

"I work for a Bugatti dealership in America and we take our first customer deliveries in late June."

I'm sure you work for a Bugatti dealership... and I'm even more sure the dealership lets its employees ride around willy nilly in Veyrons. Give it up already.

10th Sep 2006, 00:35

Bugatti Veyron=Great Car. I would NEVER buy it. Why bother with a car that tops at 200+ when you can get the same (or closely the same) performance in a BMW M6 for about 30 times cheaper...

10th Sep 2006, 06:02

Great to hear so little edited responses regarding this car, has anyone seen the pics of an Enzo getting belted and causing approx $520,000 damage to it?? it happened in Miami about 2 years ago (ZOO Mag), love to hear about how the hell it was caused. Remember don't give the keys of ur pride and joy without a respectful and competent driver. Any car can kill, you must earn the right and understand how, where and of course when to drive it. Safe driving 2 all! WOWZER...not.

Luv dem REVS

10th Sep 2006, 06:39

Peoples, peoples... Love the comment posted some time back regarding certain drivers being able to master some cars. As he/ (maybe she) pointed out, I doubt the majority of opinions have any substance, but you know that. I guess the real question is about who can drive these car's - Veyron, Enzo, 911 Turbo, hell the Aston. I guess many believe they can. Who wants to doubt them?? who cares. I'm a motoring journalist and have many years experience, however nobody knows every car-makers secret. You at times must except this and of course realise that speed limits and records are there for a reason... to be SMASHED, broken then put back up!!!