11th Sep 2006, 00:13

Speed limits are out there to be SMASHED? What a totally irresponsible statement! Those who insist on speeding on public roads, not only smash their own bones, but cause untold misery and harm to other road users. How dumb and selfish is that! If you must speed, show a bit of respect, and do it on a race-track. The Veyron is a GREAT car - but you DON`T realise it`s full potential on a public road!

14th Sep 2006, 23:48

Anyone who thinks that speeding on public roads (I`m referring to speeds like 250-300 km./hr.) is O.K., is definitely from another planet. Not only is it illegal, it`s NUTS!

3rd Oct 2006, 23:40

Just heard about this forum and I think it's great, so many different opinions e.t.c. After reading this full review all 61 comments, I have formed an opinion. Some of the respondents claim all soughts of crap, but hey why not. some are dangerous in the way they express their own ideals on cars/public roads. The real question is I guess... yes people will speed and push thier cars to the limit, nobody can ever stop that. But that's what life is all about, by the way the poster who talked about people being in control and skill e.t.c is spot on!

2nd Nov 2006, 03:47

The fun`s over, boys. From the 1st.Jan.`07, the speed limit in the Territory (Australia), will be capped at a max. of 130 km./hr. on open highways - such as the Stuart - and 110 km./hr. for all other roads. Urban areas will be 60 -70 km./hr. Apart from the 130 km./hr. limit, these new speed limits will bring the Territory into line with all other States of Australia.

The Northern Territory has suffered THREE times the average annual road fatalities in Australia, for decades. Maybe "O.K.", if you, or your family, or your friends, have NEVER been personally touched by this horrendous carnage and slaughter. I know it`s fun, but unfortunately, speeds like 250-300km./hr., DO kill. Remember the first (and ONLY) 'Cannonball Run' in the Territory, on the Stuart highway in 1994? What happened? Two professional racing car drivers travelling at over 200km./hr. "lost it" on a slight curve on the highway, and not only killed themselves, but also killed two race officials on the ground. What do you say? Four lives destroyed, scores of relatives and friends scarred forever. We`ve all heard of post traumatic stress syndrome, haven`t we? Is that "O.K"? Of-course not. Unless you`ve witnessed it, it`s probably difficult to comprehend.

Speeds, on PUBLIC ROADS, at which cars become almost air-borne, are simply insane. It`s a bit like waving a loaded.357 Magnum in a shopping mall, every day, and pretending that everyone is completely safe. Or rationalising it away, by claiming that 'you are a trained gun expert'. Hey, the racing car drivers were professionals. They were experts, too! But four human beings are dead. Sure, accidents happen - but their chances of occurring can be diminished significantly, with just a bit of commonsense. EXCESSIVE speed on public roads, endangers lives - your own, and those of others. It`s also illegal! But, if you`re selfish, and you don`t care about other people`s safety, and consider yourself above the law, then only your conscience might wake you up - one day. Maybe not. Time will tell.

26th Jan 2007, 10:48

Here's a kick for ya. The Veyron, which is a masterful piece of technological equipment when you really get down to it, actually cost VW/Audi over 5 million dollars to build, and they sell it for only 1.6 million dollars. If you want to become more educated in the world of super cars, or in the Veyron's class, mega cars, take a look at Jeremy Clarkson's British car show called Top Gear. I believe the web site is topgear.com.

4th Nov 2007, 13:43

If I could afford it, I'd go with the Koenigsegg ccxr.

29th Nov 2007, 23:03

I find it amazing that everyone was actually discussing this car as if this dude actually drove it. Here's a small (and indisputable) fact my friend... there weren't any Veyrons available here at the time of his supposed drive.

Beyond that... even if one were available I find it highly questionable that someone would let anyone else drive their $1.5M car...

27th Jan 2008, 16:54

I love this forum.

I love how most of you bash the car.

If you really think about it, the people that own the cars don't care about what you have to say, they are happy because they have it, and also have it as to have equity of properties, rich people buy houses, cars, paintings, jewellery to have equity and not to keep their millions in the bank, later on they could sell such things...

If someone was to give you one for free, you would love it too.

My only problem on the car is that I heard you need Octane fuel 93 or better, but there is not enough stations that sell it, I don't know how the owners of the Bugatti do it, unless there are private company that come and refuel your car for you at your house.

15th Apr 2008, 20:40

So for a while the bugatti veyron was considered the fastest production car in the world. Recently, Porsche has introduced the GT9 9FF. Other than it's 0-60 mph time, it is faster than the Veyron. Not only that, it is more practical. It has a flat 6 and driven conservatively will get over 25 mpg. My point: Porsche is better than Audi.

26th Apr 2008, 21:28

Bugatti Veyron? man! It's expensive but it's ugly...

28th Nov 2008, 08:48

This review does seem fake. If this guy really had been a passenger in this car then I think he would be a bit more enthusiastic about it. Also 150mph on a good stretch of quiet road would be easily achievable in a short space of time. I've done 130mph in my car and it wasn't dramatic.

Also apparently each car costs £5 million to make, and then sold for £850,000. So if that's the case then it's not expensive, it's actually a bit of a bargain.

5th Dec 2008, 02:04

Care to loan me a million and a 1/2 $? Just joking... The car has been impressive... for about five minutes. Then came the CCXR, a much cheaper, faster production car. If anyone remembers, around '91. a company called Lotec produced some small number of cars that were able to beat the 400 Km/h limit. The car was called "Lotec C1000", it had a Mercedes power-plant, V8 bi-turbo, capable of delivering 1002 Hp. But that was not a production car, so the 2-ton joke designed by a circus clown become the first to achieve that. And the "speed key" feature?! So that if you're going 250 Km/h, you don't get an idea of speeding up? Or what? They tried, they failed..next, please...!

5th Dec 2008, 18:22

Before commenting here, I would suggest watching James Mays' top speed test for this car.

6th Dec 2008, 09:13

The Veyron isn't 2 tons, it's about 1.8 tons. And it's not just any 400 kph car, its one with luxuries, reliability and looks. A proper car for the road or track, you don't need to tow one of these on a trailer to the race track.

3rd Feb 2010, 18:47

The Veyron is about speed, reputation and status.

The Veyron is in a class above super cars like Ferrari, Lambo and maybe the McLaren F1 etc. Its power and speed is again above anything else, therefore the Veyron will be the centre of attention. It's big, and it's bad with 16 cylinders 4 turbos and 8 litres. it will make even the biggest of V8's, V10's, V12's sound piddly.

And so what if you can make your V8 have 5000hp or whatever, at the end of the day the status of the Veyron will crush you.