1974 Buick Apollo Custom Sedan 350 V8 from North America


Mean Lil' Red Machine!


Water pump.

Rear brake cylinders.

Rear window leaks a little.

Replaced the exhaust.

Wiper motor.

Heater core.

Tie rod ends.

Recharged/retrofitted A/C system.

General Comments:

This is my first car and most reliable car I've ever owned. $600 is not bad for something that's lasted me 6 years and 67,000 miles.

It's Buick's equal to the Chevy Nova, rare back in the day and even more scarce today. It's got a lot of power, mid-sized by today's standards (Compact back then) with a small block V8! I can really burn up tires when I want to. Most people like to judge it by its looks when they pull up to me at a stoplight, but their jaws drop when I pull away from their Japanese tin can with screeching tires, roaring engine and smelling my exhaust.

It's not big and boaty like most cars of the 70's, and actually isn't bad at all on gas. It's been fairly reliable too and when you take into consideration the age and mileage, I guess it has a right to be tempermental once in a while. We went ice fishing in Canada one winter and got stranded in a blizzard overnight, and my car started at minus 40 the next day when everyone else's $35,000 SUV wouldn't. I also took a trip from Michigan to Arizona in the Scorching Desert heat last summer with no trouble at all.

I've done some body work to it to get it looking good and painted it too. Parts can be hard to find when you need them. I've fallen in love with this car and would never part with it!

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Review Date: 24th May, 2003

2nd Mar 2004, 20:03

I can relate to the way you feel about you Apollo. I am the owner of a 1974 Buick Apollo also and I love it I paid 525 for my car and I have had it 7 years. this car has been very good to me. I am thinking about getting the motor rebuilt in it and a small face lift. I am a 45 year old female and everyday some young guy is trying to buy my car. But I know it will never mean the same thing to them that it means to me. My car still has the original motor. It has 350 engine in it with a 2 barrel carb. I want to spice it up a little, but I also like the originality of it. it is the only Apollo that I have everseen in my part of the country and that is in the state of Miss.