22nd Nov 2005, 19:44

I hunted an Apollo and am bringing my car back to life, it came out of Montana in a junk yard, in tacted, and restorable. The car is a 1973 Apollo Buick, hatch back bucket seats, shift on floor, auto, 455 motor, and Buick sport wheels. The car is quite rare in that I am told, it has a sliding factory sunroof offered in Nova and others in 1972-1973. The car has factory AC and AM-FM radio. Clock, and floor mats also. This is a real tire burner, as the car will break loose on the road at 40 mph with a stop of the gas. Hatchbacks are also a bit more rare in Apollos, than trunk back cars. I am making into a real American Muscle car, Craig in Minneapolis.

23rd Nov 2005, 10:49

The reason 99% of people mistake your Apollo for a Chevy Nova is that... your Apollo is 99% the same as a Chevy Nova (OK, maybe 90%, but the only real differences were the grille and taillights)

9th Jan 2006, 11:18

Stop looking for Apollo and try looking for Nova parts. Practically everything is the same, and if you can't find Nova parts then you are just not looking very hard, they are quite easy to find, especially the pre-'75 models.

Although not that many people are bothering with four-doors so parts specific to that body style might be harder to find...

15th May 2006, 20:36

Yup, I couldn't agree more with that comment if I'd written it myself. Hooray for '60s, '70s and '80s domestic cars! May they live forever! I know that my '71 and '73 will be around several more decades, and my '85 is still hanging in there just fine.

16th Jul 2006, 19:16

Hi!! I have a 73 Apollo with a 250 straight 6, I have had to replace my radiator, fan, water pump, lights, points, plugs, carburetor I am constantly rebuilding her. I wouldn't part with her for anything!!! I hope to put a 350 in her someday. The only problem I have is that everyone keeps asking me why I am driving my boyfriends car. They can't believe that I am the one doing all of the work until their cars break down and they ask me to fix them. Did I mention that I am 19 yr old female in Colorado!

25th Jul 2006, 22:34

Hi I am from the Northwest like middle of Oregon. I have a 72 Nova and a 72 Buick Apollo. They are both nice cars. I really haven't done anything to either one of them. They both are in really decent condition. I have been looking and asking anybody and every body if they had seen a Buick Apollo. Very few have, it has been really nice to find this web site. By the way I am seventy and still like cars. Ed.

30th Jul 2006, 04:07

This is a very well written review. And I agree with the author of the review with regards to modern car interiors. They're so dull and could benefit from a nice dose of color, like the car interiors of 20 or more years ago...heck, even 15 years ago there were still some cars with some real color inside.

Although I think car interiors today are put together better, the old ones are much nicer looking. And I think old cars are far more interesting than most new ones. Most of the new ones (especially Hondas, Toyotas, Kias, Hyundais, etc.) start to look alike after a while. No flair, no style, just bland anony-mobiles with a few exceptions. Not that they're bad cars, they're just boring. Years ago, even family sedans had at least a few interesting and unique styling features. They had character. And you could tell one model year from another just by the grille and taillights because they changed every year. It kept things interesting and the beginning of a new model year was something to look forward to.

Not so today. Today every model year blurs into the next with only all-new models to keep things interesting, and with the sole exception of all-new performance/enthusiast cars, the rest are usually nothing special anyway (more SUV's and minivans, anyone?) Oh well. I must be stuck in the past.

To the author of this review: Good luck with your Buick and enjoy it! When I can afford it, I'll be looking for my own old Buick: a great big Electra 225, or even a LeSabre convertible.

11th Sep 2006, 22:18

Glad you all are enjoying your Apollos. I was looking at getting one when I was 16, then my mom's 1960 Le Sabre died, so since I had done the research, SHE got a brand new 1974 Buick Apollo hatchback. 350 2V, dark blue with painted white top, those Buick mag wheels, white vinyl bucket seats.

Sharp looking rig, but oh how unreliable. White roof had to be repainted 2 times under warranty. 3 transmissions in 2 years, all covered by warranty. Paint peeling off the plastic/fiberglass trim panel above the taillights and below the hatch. Then, at 16,000 miles, the trannie started slipping for a 4th time. I told mom to dump the car. In the meantime I had purchased a news 1974 Pinto. Pretty basic car, but mom loved it since all her driving was in city traffic. So she traded in the Apollo on a new 1976 Pinto Wagon with all the options except the woodgrain sides and sunroof. That little Pinto lasted her 27 years, I finally killed it, took it out on the freeway to blow out the carbon before a smog check and blew the motor. Mom was still angry about her experience with the Apollo, so back to the Ford dealer for a new Focus. If THIS car lasts her 27 years, she'll be 107!!!

10th Nov 2006, 14:41

I own a 1974 Buick Apollo coupe with a 350 cu. in. motor three speed automatic transmission.I've owned the car since July of 1995.I love the power, style and chrome bumpers. I also like the fact that you can't break into the car without breaking the window. It's also nice that there's no smog or electronics!!! One word to all Apollo owners; Keep your Apollo!!!

19th Nov 2006, 12:42

"And we pay 4 to 5 times for a new car today than what they cost 30 years ago."

Yes. This is called inflation.

20th Nov 2006, 15:32

I have always loved Apollos, I saw a picture of one once, when I was younger. I finally found one, just stumbled across it today, it's a '74 four door, the man wants $700 for it. It needs some work, but I'm snatching this chance up!!

22nd Mar 2007, 15:59

I have a 1974 Buick Apollo, 2 dr, which my first husband and I purchased used in 1978 before the birth of our 3rd child.

It has been garaged for years now, I cannot remember what the specific mechanical problems were which put my poor car there. The "Green Bean" as my children named it, is in danger of being sent to automotive hell!

My second husband wants to trash it!

Somebody please give me a word of encouragement!

I have a 1968 Buick Riviera GS (only 5500 made?) which he will touch OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Unfortunately, my son doesn't want either car, and neither do my daughters.

Perhaps I should donate it to the local Vo Tech automotive school?

Sell it?

Marry a motor head who would love to restore my dear vehicles? (I also have a $600 1973 green Volvo which needs TLC!)

Seriously, I could use some advice here!

Thank you!!!