3rd Jun 2017, 11:49

The two comments preceding yours are referencing the movie "Christine".

The car in that movie was a '58 Plymouth Fury, but as there are no '58 Fury reviews on this site, they ended up here on a review of a Buick Apollo.

Which is OK cos the Apollo is a pretty dull car anyhow.

4th Jun 2017, 11:30

I see on a rare occasion recreations of Christine in car shows. I think everyone knows this Mopar big fin car is in no way shape or form a lookalike. They were obviously comparing all the damage it sustained in the movie to the current condition of the review car. Hopefully you will get it too. It's not about Mopar, it was the damage comparison.

7th Jun 2017, 22:32

Christine left the yard last week. When she returns I'll have to start searching the junkyards for parts. Anyone out there know where I can get a good parts catalogue for Christine... I mean my '74 Apollo?

8th Jun 2017, 10:17

It was just a condition/ repair comparison again, not Mopar/Buick. Try Hemmings for cars. For parts I always brought bee killer spray and a first aid kit when I hit junkyards. That was years ago and fortunately now you can buy all your used parts now easily online. Good luck on your quest.

8th Jun 2017, 11:54

"They were obviously comparing all the damage it sustained in the movie to the current condition of the review car."

Uh, no, they weren't. Try watching the movie "Christine" and then hopefully you will "get it too".

8th Jun 2017, 22:01

Not sure where the first part of 10:17 is coming from, but I can tell you mechanical parts are easy to come by at your local parts store, seeing how there were 4 different cars built on this same platform. Even though there were a handful of different engines used, it shouldn't be that hard to find new parts.

On the other hand, body and trim parts will be harder to find. I suggest trying CTC Auto Ranch in Denton Texas. Look them up. They have a wide variety of GM cars from the 50s, 60s & 70s, and will ship the parts you need anywhere across the country.

9th Jun 2017, 16:34

Not only did I watch the "Christine" film, but I saw an actual movie car. And an exacting tribute at a car show. There were actual multiple Christine's used in the film. At the time their value had not escalated to the value today for these big fin Mopars. I don't know why you wish to argue over a car not even bring reviewed. There was reverse filming done to show the car returning to its undamaged state.

Lastly I saw a damaged real movie car having a very costly restoration being performed. So between that and owners' comments, plus watching the film more than once, I am pretty familiar with this. I even have it on DVD. There's always going to be someone that is going to stir the pot on a forum. That's not a problem from my end. So feel what you wish to be a winner. Other that condition and in a sense an extreme condition example, that's all it is. Maybe someone owns both. It's a big world out there. Enjoy your rides a lot more fun than nitpicking. When I get home from work, I am going straight to a Friday night cruise night. More fun. If you want to watch another cool movie however over the weekend, watch "Duel", somewhat along the same premise. With a newer Mopar!