18th Jun 2012, 09:22

I owned a 1974 Buick Apollo from 1984-2000. It was originally white with a medium blue interior and white seats. I painted it dark navy metallic, and replaced the white vinyl roof in 1985, and that is what it looked like up until when I sold it.

In 1984, I bought it from my grandfather who was the first owner. It was my first car. I used it for a long time, but had to sell it because we were tight with finances at the time, and it was our extra car. I sold it to a man from Laurel, MD who was buying it for his son for a first car. I would love to be able to buy it back, but lost contact with the father and son who bought it. My son is now old enough to drive, and work on cars, and we would love to have it to fix up. Anyone know of this Apollo out there? Please post.

28th Jun 2013, 09:51

I have a 1974 Buick Apollo. Can't wait to fix her up, but due to health problems that's not gonna happen. If you sell the Buick Apollo, I would like to know what you want for it, and the 68 GS, I would love that too. I lost my 68 GS to a house fire. My pride and joy was my 68 Camaro, but due to cancer I had to sell it to take care of my family. There is nothing like a classic car; they bring you back to your youth.

3rd Feb 2015, 08:16

Original post:

I bought my car as a Buick club member, and have had many.

1975 Park Avenue, promo car Executive Deluxe, one of 37.

1958 Special 2 door post.

1958 Roadmaster 2 door HT, one of 2200.

1958 Limited black, US military staff car, Fort Benning GA.

Electras; 1975 3x, 1976 2x, 1973, 1971, and 1972**.

Century 2001.

Electra wagon 1984.

1969 LeSabre rag top.

1979 Roadhawk (Skyhawk), rare, 12 known left to exist (was the NASCAR offer for the 79 pace car, but the Pontiac Firebird won that position).

1971 Black boat tail Riviera non console.

73 Apollo, hatch (story here).

** The 72 Electra has a 468ci Buick (455 bored) 471 HP. Custom paint, and bucket console. 75 Park Avenue interior all in white leather.

The 73 Apollo as well as 71-73 Nova, Ventura, and 73 Omega had rare options (dealer) by American Sunroofs, to offer a rare slide roof. On the Buick 72 Skylark, it was called Suncoupe. I also have a tent for the hatch to camp in the rear cargo area, still in its factory box. Rear speaker as well as rear defrost fan, AmFm stock, tach for the hood, real Buick, and plans now to add GS hood vents. Have rare Buick Super Sport wheels, 71 & 73 option only (14"). So you see to own a Nova (had 3), you can see 50 at every car show. But this is a car becoming a hard to find piece. Oh Buick motor and motor mounts only, BOP trans, not Chevy. And all 4 cars in series each had different bumpers, grilles, fenders, fillers, and lights. The 455 has 525lb torque, and has torn up 2 trannies to shreds. It's a real surprise when you open the hood to find Buick's 455.

Hope you see, Apollo owners take care, because they are different, usually sleepers on the street, and the Apollo was built 73 & 74 as 250-6 & 350-2bbl & 4bbl. 1975 with a 250-6 only. The Skylark was the same X car, but had a sport and standard car with 350-2bbl and 4bbl. The 76 Apollo did not come back.

The 1974 Apollo had a rare GSX option, but was just cosmetic. 250 & 350 were found in the GSX.

Anyone considering installing a 455 Buick in the rear steer 73-74, it is tight and will fit, but adjustments are needed in placing in the big motor. Please no Chevy 350 in Apollo, that is just not right! That compares to putting an AMC motor in a Nova.

29th Dec 2015, 17:01

I own a 74 Buick Apollo. Purchased it from a kid graduating high school in 2005. Been turning it into a pro-street pro-strip. I put in a 496 stroker motor Chevy because I couldn't get enough horsepower out of a 455 Buick motor or had enough money to build a 455 motor. Sorry... I also had a buddy make a mold for a hood 6" cowl in carbon fiber... You can make glass too. Love my Apollo...